Hi from Kelowna

Well here I am at the library in downtown Kelowna - what a beauty of a place. I do love libraries. I get much more excited over libraries than stupid hockey games. (so there!)

Almost done the walk - fantastic! Walked through a couple of marshes and saw a Blue Heron - gorgeous. Walked along Okanagan lake for about half the walk which was beautiful. It is a gorgeous day out - not as horribly hot as it was in Kamloops yesterday. Everyone in every place I have visited on this trip is so happy good weather is here as they have suffered through a very wet pig of a Spring as well.

I stopped off and had an iced Chai Latte at a coffee shop (I LOVE coffee shops) - that's the beauty of being on my own - can just stop when I want and do what I want...ah freedom.

I saw the Same Sun hostel which is right across from the hotel where I started the walk - much nicer as in bigger and a proper building. And cleaner...oh man can't believe I am saying that as I am not a clean freak (to put it mildly and think people who are are anally rententive) but it just is. I will stay there next time. Nothing against the hostel I am in - the people who run it are awesome but no proper place to store my stuff. It is just sitting there and the fellow who runs it said he would keep checking on it. Uh huh.....I have my money, etc. with me but still...I am a free spirit but not quite that free....I am sure it will still be there when I get back..she says hopefully....he said to let him know when I do get it or he will freak out so guess he is serious about keeping an eye on it. I found the guys there were much friendlier than the girls...they must have thought of me as competition snort snort snort!!! :) :)

Next up I will look in some shops - would love to take something back with me....love to take some wine but no room so guess I will have to settle for some peach chutney or jam or something.....I roamed through a huge wine store but resisted. I would love to go on a wine tour one day (as in for a day) - on my bucket list! Maybe next time I come out this way and have more time. I want to do the walks in Peachland (don't you love that name), Summerland, Keremeos, etc. Hopefully the hound goes there!

For five dollars the hostel is taking me to the bus depot - believe me a taxi would cost way more. I will go back and wash up and change and then off on my next 26 hour adventure. I have to spend about four hours in Salmon Arm tonight so hoping there is a place for me to "hang out" - plus probably getting on an almost full bus at 1:30 a.m. with everyone sprawled everywhere sleeping. Goodie!!! There was a bus leaving for Calgary at 1:30 p.m. but not enough time plus it was a long one although through areas I have never been before. Oh well next time.