Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh my god I feel old

Am sitting at the Kelowna youth hostel and oh is funky. My room is painted purple with blue dolphins on which is cute but it would be nice if it had more than one light (a lamp) Upstairs it`s crowded and they are all watching some bizarre movie. When I walked in they looked at me like I was some sort of alien or their mother...youth hostels can attract all ages but tonight I am the only oldie. Anyway may go up later and try to find a seat on the couch. :)

Hopefully they will store my bags for me tomorrow - should not be a problem. Hot in here but am using all the outlets to charge stuff for the 26 hour hound trip tomorrow. I will put it on later...

The walk in Kamloops was HOT and flooding so I got redirected again...but I`ve done it so that walking program is done. Was able to get public transit to and from downtown.

Other than that not much to report - am pretty tired. Hoping for a nice walk tomorrow. I have to repack tonight and get my `bus stuff`out ready for tomorrow night.

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