Rain rain go away

A very rainy day here - nonstop. No walking today - well map walk that is. I walked all over downtown. It was a shopping day! I headed over on the Seabus to North Vancouver and had breakfast there (toast and eggs) then looked in the shops. I got myself a float duckie tea infuser just because...well I am a sicko. I thought it was so cute.

Then back downtown to get a few things including a couple of new tops and capri pants. Went to New Balance and ended up getting new running shoes - they are being shipped home free of charge. Bits and pieces - oh yes went to Murchies and had an apricot tea latte - it was good. And okay got two more bags of tea - I need them like a hole in the head but oh well....just little bags....

Had an early supper (3:30) at a 50's/60's diner - grilled cheese and a chocolate orange (yummy) milkshake. And that's about it for today...just hanging around rainy downtown.

I have a very runny nose and a very noisy cough so did not want to go to a movie, etc. and disturb other people.

Not the most exciting day but that's okay. Tomorrow should be cloudy and sunny in the evening so that works for me - more walking.