Well here I am in Hope. Fun but tiring day. I took the bus downtown and that was exciting - a drunk passed out snoring loudly. Though I bet I could outdo him in a contest. (the snoring that is...the drinking probably not..)The driver phoned transit security and they came and escorted him off the bus. Guess he's a 'regular'.

Got the bus on time and arrived into Hope just after noon. Checked into the motel and changed and off I went on the 10km walk. It was a beautiful walk but it was very warm so it felt like about 12 km and took me three hours with no stops except for photography. One of the trails was flooded so had to walk along the main road. Hope (named by the Hudson Bay Company for being hopeful of better trade) is a lovely town .There are chain saw wooden carvings all over the town as well which is fun. I walked along a river dyke and saw a couple of marmots - how cute. Am always afraid I will see a bear - am such a chicken shit it's not even funny. I am a city girl through and through. (and proud of it) (which reminds me I saw a black dog come out of the trees in Whistler and nearly had to change my underwear) There are two rivers here - the Fraser and the Coquihilla and where they meet is quite spectacular. Both rivers were running very quickly due to run off from the mountains. It is really a neat little town nestled in the mountains.

I came back to the motel and collapsed on the bed - it's the 5 km in Kamloops tomorrow for sure! After a reviving shower I went off to dinner.

Went to a bistro and had Fraser Valley hotpot - shrimp, salmon, scallops and mushrooms in a curry sauce with noodles. A bit spicy for my taste but it was good. I had another peach cidar and boy did it hit me...but I have developed a taste for it. Oh dear. Chatted with a couple from Ireland (but they are English) on a month long holiday here. Tomorrow morning it's to Rolly's for a good breakfast.

A rather hectic day...I get off in Kamloops at 11:30 or there abouts and store my luggage and do the walk then jump on the 5:30 bus to Kelowna where I spend the night. Monday I do the 10km walk in Kelowna then I hop the 7 pm bus and end up back home 10:30ish Tuesday evening. Back to work Wednesday morning...