Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Come a little closer my little heater or oh Internet - I Think I Love You! (to quote the Partridge Family)

River and bridge in Nuremburg - despite being a large city the downtown area is very fairytale

Sitting in the flat in Paris. No central heating - just a heater. The owner is in India - it is very different but I like it. Oh well I won't be here much. And my room-mate Simon is a young man in his twenties for all those who are dying to know....:) How sick is this...I am on the internet and haven't even unpacked yet. I did make a cup of tea and I think another one is coming up soon....8 days without internet...oh my. Don't think I have gone that long without it in quite some time. (the internet that is, get your minds out of the gutter! )

Germany was lots of fun and I don't want to know my current weight...unreal. Every three hours it seemed there was more food going into my body....I am sure when I leave the room my ass leaves ten minutes later....I have to get back into normal mode (not that that is much better) or I will need two seats on the aircraft coming back. Claudia's mom is a terrific cook. Did I say I didn't like German food? Liar - home cooked that is...Although must admit I don't think I want to look another sausage in the face for a while. I LOVE the bratwurst but think I od'd on it. Luckily I did quite a bit of walking but I still don't think I broke even. Came to Paris with half my body weight in chocolate stashed in my suitcase I am sure. Lots of chocolate given to me as gifts - and myself two family size (well actually they are Laurie eat in one sitting size) Milka bars and two chocolate Santas before I knew I was getting a whole shit load for Xmas. The gallant men of Paris took pity on me and helped me with my luggage on the metro stairs.

We did the Christmas market in Nuremberg on Wednesday the 21st which was fun. Had some hot gluhwein (mulled wine) and Nurnberg sausages (little ones) in a bun. If you want you can keep the mug from the gluhwein otherwise you return it as you pay a 2 euro deposit so I have two more mugs as could not resist. (did resist one...)Lots of stalls selling everything but the kitchen sink. It was magical with the lights and a choir singing. We looked around Nuremberg a bit as well - Claudia used to live there so have been there a few times since the 80's. There was a misty rain pretty well the whole time. In fact I did not see the sun the whole time I was in Germany but it's winter and it beats snow. We walked up to the castle and had a nice view - in the rain. I like Nuremberg - always have. It had the shit bombed out of it in the war so many of the city centre buildings are new and designed to fit in with the rest of the older buildings that were built pre-war and way way before. Earlier in the afternoon we met Ulla, one of Claudia's friends for cake and coffee - I had Sacre torte which was chocolate cake with strawberry jam in it. Oh my.....I really can't say much more. It was a great day. Of course back to Claudia's where tea and cookies were waiting - along with my evening ritual of a glass (or two) of wine! I will do this one day at a time as just too much to do all at once.

Oh Internet I really really missed you.....

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