Monday, December 19, 2011

Day at the Lakes

Yesterday I went out to the Lake District to visit the tiny village of St Gilgen for their Christmas market. I loved it. What an enchanting little town and the market just made it even more special. There were boat trips over to St. Wolfgang but it was a little too cold for me - also cable cars up the mountain but too cloudy.....I enjoyed wandering around the town. I visited the birthplace of Mozart's mother which was small but interesting. I bought myself a new Mozart CD and the lady in the shop gave me a pretty homemade arrangement with pine cones, ribbons, etc. So sweet of her. I will give it to Claudia and her mom. The town has paintings on the buildings and it is a charmer. I had some hot spiced punch and of course got another souvenir seems there is no choice - you buy the drink you get the mug. This one I will keep but the other one I will be leaving behind as no way do I have room in Eddie to haul more stuff. Well I do have room - just don't want the weight! When I got back I took the bus out to Hellbrun Palace to go to the Xmas market there. Awesome. As Walter (owner ofthe B & B here) told me it is the nicest and it is by far. I resisted buying anything. Yesterday was a street food day and had bratwurst, a bun and sauerkraut - I don't like sauerkraut but thought I should try it here. Mistake. It did not agree with me and my stomach was upset for the rest of the day.
Today I plan to go up to the fortress to explore it and then walk the path over to the Musuem of Modern Art and take the elevator down.
Tomorrow I head off to Germany and will be off line until th 28th of December at least.
I hope the wifi works out in Paris better than it has here as I enjoy writing but this is just too rushed to enjoy.

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