Day two in Paris

This morning I had an almond square and a cafe au lait at the cafe by me. Good stuff. Then I headed over to Montparnasse metro station. I went up to the 56th floor of the Montparnasse tower and had a good view of Paris. It was fairly clear that morning so I had a pretty good view - it was a five minute wait rather than the hour or more at the Eiffel Tower. I'd definitely recommend going there rather than the Eiffel tower. From there I wandered over to the Montparnasse cemetery. Similar to New Orleans or rather New Orleans is similar to Paris...cities of the dead. There were some really strange tombstones but the most bizarre was of a couple in bed. Really. And before you think this being Paris and all what were they doing they were just laying there. It is still an active cemetery and there were about three burials going on while I was there. I guess it sounds bizarre to say you can enjoy a cemetery but I did. By this time my right foot (with the bunion and arthritic toe) was giving me major grief and I was in pain. I never know when this foot is going to act up on me. So I hobbled to a restaurant and had what they call a set meal - a price for certain items on the menu. I had a cheese omelette (was craving one), french fries and a salad with creme brulee for dessert. I decided it was time to go back to the room and rest so that I did. That evening I had a ticket for a ballet performance of Cinderella so wanted to be in good shape for that. After a rest and change I headed over to the Champs Elysees to see the Xmas lights. Very disappointing...just some red and blue round lights. Nothing like in 1999 or 2008. Oh well. Then I headed to the Bastille area where the theatre was and had a quick cheese and ham panini before the show began. It was wonderful - it was different as was set in pre-WWII New York. Two intermissions as well so it lasted about three hours. Very enjoyable and glad I did it.