Double the posts

My home in Salzburg
Typical booth at Xmas market
You'll recognize this if you've seen the Sound of Music
Part of fortress
Shopping pedestrian street

Just because I can....I knew I was an internet addict....oh man how am I going to survive 8 days without it. I love having the whole world at my fingertips and being as so many of my friends live in other cities & countries I can connect with them daily. And let's not mention access to so much...oh internet I do love you....

The weather here hasn't been the best but when you travel in December you have to expect these things. This afternoon was good. I was dressed for the weather so was fine. My photo count is well over 500 so far. Lots of gray skies but oh I said before I do like this city. It has about 150,000 people.

The Christmas markets are fun and it is all quite magical. The snow just adds to the ambience.

I am debating whether to bus it or taxi it to the train station tomorrow morning. I have a bus pass but it means changing busses downtown not to mention hauling Eddie on and off the bus and like me, he seems to be getting heavier on this trip. But a taxi would cost about 20 Euros - I know as I took one here. I guess I will see how I feel in the morning - if my knees feel like they do right now it will be a taxi.


Unknown said…
Pictures on Facebook are awesome. The markets look almost fairytale!

Can't imagine no internet,just save your posts and put them up when you are connected again. I don't want to miss any of your trip!

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Dena said…
Finally got to comment but my new name is unknown. Will continue to work on my tech skills, lol!