Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Free wifi at Toronto airport

You gotta love it. Flight out here was good and watched "Cotagion" on the plane. I love those individual screens. Had the yummiest salad - spinach salad with all sorts of veggies, orange poppy seed dressing with grilled fat shrimp on top. I am being good and drinking lots of water. I feel like a packhorse already as my suitcase was 35 pounds...yikes. The Air Canada check in person said oh you are allowed 50 lbs....not the point...blame it on Xmas gifts and heavy winter clothing and two pairs of shoes. (normally I take two pairs - one on my feet and one in my suitcase...not two in the suitcase like today - but I just can't go to the ballet in Paris in running shoes or hiking boots...I am no fashion queen, not even a princess or a lady in waiting - but even I draw the line at that)

Loads of people in here so I have no illusions that my flight to Munich will be packed to the rafters. Oh well I have an aisle seat so am free to drink water to my heart's content and not worry about disturbing anyone.

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