The hills are alive...

Yesterday was my Sound of Music day. I went on a morning tour of the Sound of Music locales as of course the outside scenes in the movie were filmed here. It was a different view to be sure with the was a wet morning but none the less was still fun. The bus was full of a united nations of SOM fans! We saw the gazebo where Rolf and Lisl danced (they had to lock it due to women jumping from bench to bench which resulted in an 80 year old breaking her hip!),
Gazebo where Lisl and Rolf danced - this is the tour guide.

the back view of the Captains home, the outside view of the Captains home (all interiors were filmed in Hollywood), we went to the small town of Mondsee to see the church where Maria and the Captain were married and had an hour to wander around the town. It was great fun. I would take it again - in better weather....
Church where the Captain & Maria were married.

Of course last night I went to see The Sound of Music musical that is playing here in Salzburg - for the first time in 30 plus years. The last time people walked out when mention of the Nazis came up as it is still a sensitive subject here in Austria. (as it is in Germany) The stage play is different from the movie with a couple of extra songs and more emphasis on the war/Nazis. I absolutely loved it of course. It was performed in Germany but at the end the whole cast came out and sang The Sound of Music and So Long Farewell in English as as salute to Rodgers and Hammerstein. A lovely evening!!!

All in all a great day despite the crazy weather. I had hoped to dine at the oldest restaurant in town however I was seated then soundly ignored by the snooty waiters so I left. I had a wonderful dinner of beef goulash and a huge dumpling in a wonderful place in the New town which was close to the theatre. I then wandered along and had apple strudel at a coffee shop - coffee shops are much more formal than the Starbucks, Tim Hortons at home. Coffee here is strong and does not come extra large or double double!!!

Today it looks like the sun will come out. I slept in a bit later. I think the Lake District is calling me today however I will probably only visit one place rather than the three I had planned. First stop however is at ATM!!!

I am typing this at my breakfast table - I must get a picture of the table groaning with all the food - meat, cheese, bread, cake, fruit juice, jams, fruit and then there's the other table holding all kinds of cereal and yogurt. Very good. I would definitely stay here again.

Wifi is still off in my room but works here.