I'm online!

Yay the wifi is working....I am afraid to breathe too hard in case it goes off line. Yee haw. One last kick at the can before I go cold turkey. It is nice to be able to sit in my room and type.

Anyway fab day....it snowed again overnight and started out gray - blue sky eventually which was nice.

I took the bus to town and visited a few places I hadn't been yet like the Green market, Salzburg Cathedral (closed for renovations anyway - or it appeared to be), looked in a few shops then was a real piggie and went to a Cafe that is really old and Mozart actually went to...had coffee and some kuchen (cake) - something I really needed. Oh well. It was on my list of things to do and I knew that at 10:30 it would not be crowded. Enjoyed myself. Lots of character and black suited waiters - not your local Timmy's that's for sure. And not the prices either but it was great as a treat and to be honest I didn't think 3.50 Euros was bad for a delicious piece of cake.

This was what I saw when I stepped out of the coffee shop...gotta love it!
I then visited the Advent Xmas market again...this time it was not crowded so I stopped and looked at each booth. I got myself a couple of bags of tea....just what I need....and of course everyone who comes for tea just wants the ordinary stuff not any of my wonderful stash. Oh well I will enjoy it!! The snow was falling again and it was all quite romantic...not...well if you live in a place that doesn't have snow I guess it would be. Salzburg is such an awesome little city - I love it and will definitely come back. I am loving the winter experience and the Christmas atmosphere is unbelieveable. And to top it off you've got horses and carriages clip clopping along....fantastic. I picked up a couple of pretzels for the train trip tomorrow as the lady on the trip over said Salzburg is known for their pretzels. Germany has them too but anyway thought I'd try...

I wandered around St. Peters cemetery again - very different with graves in cages - Sound of Music at the end when they are hiding from the Nazis....that's where it was shot. Then I was goign to take the cable car up to Hohensalburg Fortress but the line was unreal and we were in one line and the machine wasn't working so we had to transfer lines and get at the back. I said forget this so ended climbing steps up to the fortress. Interesting at times as it was icy from the snow. But got there in the end, I had been up to the top on Friday but did not go in but this time

I took the audio tour which was interesting. They are only done every thirty minutes and I was lucky and got there right when they were leaving. Loads of stairs...oh mama....after walking up all those stairs then I get more. Should have doubled up on the Aleve this morning!!! I then walked around a bit then decided to walk the kilometer over to the Musuem of Modern Art...no, not to go in (I hate modern art) but they have an elevator that you can take down through the rock. The walk was lovely except at one point when I started sliding around on a hill and could not take a step for fear of sliding backwards back down and some guys were walking behind me so one grabbed ahold of me and pushed me from behind until we got up the hill. :)
This was the view from the museum after my walk...not bad eh?

I then had a leg of pork or some part of the animal with dumplings. I felt being as it was my last evening in Austria I should have some of their food again but I wish I had the goulash again. Must admit though I am not a big fan of German/Austrian food - the dumplings were good though. It seems the only veggie on offer is cabbage which I do have a problem with...the only way I will eat it is if it is curried and made by me or in cabbage rolls and those I am picky about. I can see my first meal in Paris will be a package of raw veggies as I do eat a lot at home. Anyway the restaurant was okay but made the mistake of sitting next to a couple who were eating each other's faces off instead of their meal - get a room for god's sake!

Back here where I am totally exhausted - lucky I have the internet to keep me awake. Lots of activity for one day - well my knees are not liking it but it's amazing what you can do. My netbook was not plugged in and it said limited time and it's amazing how quickly I got down under this desk to plug it in sore knees or not. (I was not quiet or polite about it though)