Friday, December 30, 2011

Locked out!

Oh I forgot the exciting bit yesterday. Came back here and could not get in the door and Simon was not home. There were three keys and Simon said I just needed one but no I needed two so was trying both but could not get in. I was a little upset to put it mildly. Well after about 20 minutes a woman came from downstairs and I asked (more like begged) her to try the door for me and she got me in. I could have kissed her I was that grateful....when Simon got back I told him and he showed me how to use it but I still wasn't getting it. The second lock was tricky so in the end we swapped keys and doors (there are two doors with two separate set of keys - both doors lead to the same place the only bad part is if someone is having a bath I can't get out as I have to go through the bathroom!!!!) and now I can get in. Oh and if that wasn't bad enough yesterday morning I couldn't even get out of the apartment building....I had to knock on a door where I heard loud talking so the lady came out and showed me. You had to hit a button on the wall...well like I would know that....yikes.
It certainly is a unique place....

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Dragonfly said...

Haha... so would you suggest staying somewhere else if I was to go to Paris, Laurie?? I'm enjoying your stories very much. I imagine myself there too. Thanks for that.


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