Monday, January 16, 2012

Back in the frozen north

Whoa baby it's cold outside! So if I close my eyes and click my heels three times can I go back? Ha ha. I wish! The flight back was pretty good considering. The chicken and rice was much better on the way seat mate went 7 hours without using the loo. I was impressed and said "I want your bladder". Although slightly on the weird side as instead of saying excuse me I need to get out she just smiled at me and I said "do you need to get out to use the toilet" and she said yes. So not sure if she was shy or what as she could talk. (and I don't mean that in an ignorant way) And I kept thinking when she turned to look at me and I smiled back did she mean let me out I want to use the toilet? Oh well not the strangest seat mate I've had and certainly I will have worse I am sure. It was good to fly through Calgary and only have that one hour flight although it was late leaving due to no ground crew. Then my backback was so fat it would not fit in the overhead bin nor under my seat due to the smaller aircraft (I was tired and made a nasty crack about now I know why I prefer Westjet as on their aircrafts it would fit) So I had to sky check it and fretted the whole time as it had my computer, camera, memory cards etc. I got it no problem and I was on the side they were loading so watched it like a hawk and no drops. I just hope the extreme cold did not damage anything. I was by the emergency exit and it was cold the whole flight...brrrr.......

On one hand sad to leave London but on the other...well I had been on the road for a month and for some insane reason was ready to come home. I've been away much longer than I getting old? I think Eddie had a lot to do with it. Seeing me take Eddie down the stairs at Simon's yesterday was a picture...but I did it.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Wizard of Oz. The little dog (a Westie) who played Toto stole the show. Very enjoyable - in fact so much so that at the intermission I bought the CD of the cast recording. And that's a first for me to buy anything at a musical...that my demented mind can remember anyway....I would definitely see it again.

I got the taxi to the airport - it felt decadent but due to no traffic on a Sunday morning I got there in just over half an hour so had a lot of time to snoop around the shops in the airport. I had waited until the airport to treat myself to a glossy travel magazine (Wanderlust) that cost the earth here but can you believe they didn't have them. (I see them all the time at Heathrow) Oh well I survived.

Now it's home and countdown until the next trip...16 more sleeps. I will put pictures up and work on my blog a bit more as well.

Oh and this is officially Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year. I shall spend it doing laundry, reading my Christmas mail, catching up with friends and viewing my pictures on the big screen. No wandering outside for me today....I will happily spend the day indoors. Not blue for me at all! Back to real life tomorrow!

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