Birdies singing

I love it. Love hearing the birdies sing...I love seeing green grass and leaves on the trees. (not all of course but some...) Am up extra early this morning - I will regret this later. I guess the down side of this small room is that there is no where else to sit but the bed. My back is sore! Ah well the price is right and when you travel as much as I do you economize when you can. It's not like I am here a lot. I love this little room and looking out and seeing the doggies play on Hampsted Heath extension in the morning.

Tomorrow I start my trek of the Thames Path. I won't cover much this trip as it's 180 miles - I am aiming for 32 miles of it (over four days max) but with the current problems with my foot and also January weather it may not be doable. But that's okay... I will go to the Thames Barrier to begin which is actually the end of the walk if you are doing it the correct way - but either way is acceptable. I was going to start it today but wanted to do the path on days when I had nothing on in the evening as I know I will be very tired.

I must admit this problem with my right foot has me very concerned - I know what the problem is...a developing bunion AND an arthritic big toe. I am madly doing exercises with my big toe "as we speak". I never know when it will affect me and the medication I take for my knees (Aleve) does not work for my foot. I did a half marathon last year with my toe acting up - it was a long hard slog that I would rather never repeat. Perhaps I shouldn't be walking long distances with this foot and these knees but I love it and as long as I can do it I will. It is crazy as it will bother me and be painful and then be suddenly gone....then it returns an hour or so later...I never know when it will affect me on a walk but since Paris it has been daily. That is unusual. During my long walk with Claudia on Boxing Day I had no problems and felt wonderful. Sometimes it's just discomfort but other times it's out and out pain. That's when I stop - unless I am in a race. I have a 21 km race coming up a month from tomorrow - as it is I am not trained up due to the traveling but I am determined. Fingers crossed (well except for my right middle finger that wont' bend properly due to arthritis - oh my I am a mess aren't I?) that all will go right.

Today will be a good test - I would really like to complete this 10km walk that takes me from Islington in north London through Clerkenwell, the City, Mayfair and terminates at Hyde Park. Not nonstop but with a coffee stop or two and parking myself on a few benches if it's not raining that is! Wish me luck!