Friday, January 13, 2012

By the sea, the wonderful sea

Well yesterday (Thursday) I went down to Brighton for the day to see my friend Judi. I got the cheap day return (after 9 a.m.) so it was less than 16 pounds which I felt was reasonable. Judi was there to meet me so we headed for a cafe and both had eggy bread (bread dipped in egg and fried) with cheese on top. Delish. And a coffee of course. Late breakfast sorted we then headed off to look in the shops. Judi did more damage then I did. From there we worked our way to the seafront and the sun had come out by then. I was so excited as I have said many a time I am a misplaced ocean child. I do love the ocean. And here was the English Channel - Atlantic ocean basically and less than three weeks from now I will be seeing the Pacific ocean. Gotta love it!! We walked along the seafront and onto the pier. By then we needed to sit down (my foot gave me a bit of grief yesterday despite having a 'rest day') so we went to a cafe and shared a plate of chips and I had a cup of tea. A cuppa tea and chips - what could be more English than that?
We took the bus to the shopping centre and attacked HMV. Okay I indulged myself and got the remastered Beatles White album for 12 pounds. One of my projects is to buy all the remastered Beatles and Paul McCartney CD's - well the ones I like...I have them all on vinyl and original CD as well of course...hey don't knock it until you try it!!! I just could not resist for that I said previously I used to attack HMV in the good old days and haul home all sorts of stuff. A lot of my record collection is English..and yes I still have a record player!!

Anyway I am getting off track here...after prowling around a bit more we decided to have an early supper and ate at Food for Friends, a vegetarian restaurant. I had welsh rarebit (bread with melted cheese on basically) with salad and it was good.

We then got a taxi back to the station and Judi headed her way and I headed back to London. The train left on time and I was back into London by just after 7. Getting on a Bedford train made me a little sad as I always used to go up to Bedford to see Tom our old family friend. (and like an uncle to me really) Tom passed away in early 09 and it just seems strange to go to England and not be going to see him - I really miss him.

Back in time for Corrie at 8:30.

I got my little H2 bus home from the tube station. I get the tube (underground railway but everyone here calls it the tube) to Golders Green then a small bus to where I stay on Wildwood Road. The drivers have such patience...sadly they now have big vehicles over here (everyone used to have small cars here due to the high price of fuel and the roads) and so many of the suburban streets here are narrow. Big honkin' SUV's that are really needed in London....uh huh...I can see if you lived in the Yorkshire moors but we must have them because of course we have to keep up with the neighbours. And the area I stay in is wealthy...usually it's mainly soccer mums taking little Snotleigh and Bratlan to school and they haven't a clue how to drive a vehicle that big and the traffic can get really blocked up as they don't know where to go and you have to wait for them to clue in to back up or whatever. There is not room for two large vehicles to pass when there is parking on both sides of the streets.

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