Thursday, January 5, 2012


Well today didn't work out quite the way I had planned but it was a good one anyway. I decided to start the walk from the 02 as the Thames Barrier is hard to get to by public transit. However getting to London Bridge tube station (where I needed to connect) was complicated due to the fact they had emergency work at that station on the Northern line which is the line I take from here. Finally I got there, got the tube and started off on the path only to find it was closed! I guess if I was really dedicated I would have walked around a bit and found a place to get back on it but by then I was fed up and thought "maybe this isn't meant to be". After some hard thinking I decided that the Thames Path is postponed maybe even cancelled. Do I really want to walk that far? (180 miles - which would take me a couple of weeks over several trips) I think I have to accept the fact that with my knees and foot I am not up to any long distance paths. That doesn't mean I won't walk and I still plan to do some of the club walks here - but I am going to enjoy other things too. I think I made the right decision...

So I took the tube back to London Bridge and went over to Borough Market which is a market across the street from London bridge with nothing but food glorious food. It runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday is the quietest day so a good one to go. I watched a cooking demo for a while but it was going too slow for me however I did try some truffle honey...can I put that down for 60 new things in 2012? No I thought not....I bought some curry spices in tiny containers....I always fancy myself a gourmet cook while I am away and take this stuff back and there it sits but I am really going to try and change. When I am in the mood and have the time I love to cook. I had a cup of fresh vegetable soup made from parsnips, brussel sprouts, carrots, onions, etc. with grated chestnuts on top. Delish! I also bought THE WORLD'S BEST BROWNIE and grazed on it for the rest of the day. I wandered around for quite a while. I forgot to mention that this morning first thing it was raining heavily with a lot of wind but cleared up before I set off. Well that changed while I was at the market and it was getting scary with umbrellas over the booths turning, etc. so I decided to head indoors and took the tube to the Natural History Museum to see the Wildlife Photography of the year exhibition. Beautiful photographs - not as good as last year I don't think but still absolutely wonderful. There were some done by kids under 10 and they were on expensive cameras and very good...amazing. I am so glad I went. From there I walked over to High Street Kensington and looked in a few shops but bought nothing...I love that area of London - love the mews with the cobblestones and cottages...I then hopped a bus to Kilburn High street where I jumped off and had a lamb donar with chips and salad. Burp. Very reasonable and good but way too much food - I didn't even try to finish it. Tomorrow will definitely be a sandwich back here day. But I had to have some wonderful British chips. I find the fish iffy as sometimes they cook it with the skin on which I hate. Seeing that gray skin under the batter makes me want to hurl - that and the fact I threw up fish in London when I was here in 07....we won't even go there...but hey not everyone can say they threw up in a London tube station can they.

I then saw a pound shop and flew in. Got some stationery items that Claudia had that I liked and she said she got them at the pound shop in England and sure enough. Huge Galaxy and Cadbury bars for a pound...but I resisted...well sort of....well it could have been worse trust me.

Back on the bus and here just in time for Corrie at 8:30.

Not an exciting day but a good one. I still did plenty of walking.

If the weather is fine tomorrow I think I will finish up the walk I started the other day and then walk around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

Being as I am not doing the Thames Path I am going to look into finding a cheap bus ticket out of town somewhere - preferably where I've never been.

Simon's breakfasts are good but light - bacon and eggs and mushrooms which sounds like a lot but the portions are small. No cereal to go with it although might ask for some I am giving him the morning off tomorrow (I am the only guest) and will have breakfast here in my room as I have yogurt and fruit - something different - then on Saturday I will just have toast and coffee. Having too many cooked breakfasts is bad and being as I am not doing the heavy duty walking I had planned I don't need them.

Stay tuned...

No clue what tomorrow will bring...that's the beauty of it all.

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