Cuppa tea and a biscuit (or two)

Back in my room to rest up before heading out tonight. Yes having a cuppa tea and a biccie or two....Marks and Spencers extremely chocolately orange biscuits. Oh my my...I had forgotten how much I love you. I have been pretty good since I've been in the UK - I think I had too much chocolate in my system (is there such a thing as too much chocolate?) from Germany - hell I still have most of the stash I was given so it may be coming back with me. (talk nice to me people and I may share!) Haven't even had a date with Mr Kipling this trip and doubt that I will but then again there are still a few days left.

Had a late start this morning...told Simon no breakfast please so no alarm clock - of course woke up at the usual 7:30 but lounged a bit in bed and then had some fruit and yogurt. M & S sell these lovely packages called mango tango that have pieces of fresh mango and pineapple in. Very yummy. And pear with butterscotch yogurt - love all these different things. I walked over to the market place and got a bus and got off at East Finchley because I'd never been there. Had a coffee and bacon sarnie in a coffee shop and wrote a bit in my diary. It has been totally neglected since Germany being as I am doing my blog - only time for so much "paperwork"!

I then took the tube to Camden Town and visited the a couple of little things but nothing much. I want to buy some new funky handmade earrings but I can't find any that "grab" me. It was quieter than on a Saturday which is when I typically go which was good but then again the shop keepers were not busy so I could not get photographs of all the crazy t-shirts as they don't like that...anyway it was fun looking. I then did something I've been wanting to do for a while and that was walk along the Grand Union canal to Kings Cross which took me about 30 minutes and was enough for my foot today. It wasn't the most scenic walk - in fact it was down right ugly in places but the canal fascinates me. So much so that I visited the London Canal musuem which was interesting.

Hopped the tube back here and am resting my throbbing foot. Off to the Sadler Wells theatre in Islington tonight to see The Nutcracker...the alternate version...should be interesting. Rosie, Simon's wife told me she did not like it at all and it spoiled the music for her. I LOVE the Nutcracker music so we shall see.....