Curses to you my foot

Yep it was not a good day for the foot. I am getting quite concerned actually - almost on to worried. I know my problem - a developing bunion and arthritis in my big toe on my right foot. As I mentioned in a previous post it bothers me now and again and I never know when and no medication (over the counter anyway) can control the pain. It has been pretty well nonstop every day since Paris - today was particularly bad. I walked with a pronounced limp and in pain - the pain would go away for about a minute and then back again. Four weeks from tomorrow I am scheduled to walk a half marathon in is my dream and has been for years. Not happy....

Anyway needless to say this was not a really productive day...I took the bus to St. Johns Wood and poked around a bit (Beatles fans will know what I mean...) and then carried on to Regents Park and walked for about ten minutes max - if that. I saw it from the bus and knew I had to stop....I walked along Baker St. for a bit - checked out the Beatles shop (RIPOFF) - from there I took the bus to Waterloo to check out where the theatre was...and then back to Belsize Park where I went to Pizza Express (by this time it was 3 p.m. and I had nothing but toast and that was at 8 a.m.) and had a margareta pizza filled with salad in the middle. I had one last year and really enjoyed it. They had a special on until tomorrow where you could get a cappucino and cupcake for 20p - how could I refuse? So that was my meal for the day sorted. Came back here to rest and change my shoes.

The play I saw tonight was The Railway Children...performed at Waterloo train station at the old Eurostar terminal. I was on platform 2!!! It was cute and featured an actual steam train. It was full to the rafters with not much room in the seats. Apparently it was difficult to get seats - I had booked mine from home a few months ago. With my sore foot it was tempting to stay in and forego the ticket but am so glad I didn't go.

The ride home was interesting. I was happy as it was a direct trip on the tube with no changes. Well a fellow got on at Leicester Square with a box of pizza - he was a big fellow. Not big as in obese - just big. He slid down into the seat beside me (literally) and and proceeded to eat his pizza - piece by piece. Well it was half done when he opened it in the carriage but he finished it off which was weird enough - who eats pizza on a subway train but the best was yet to come. He kept reaching into his pockets to get napkins and everytime his elbow would almost hit my face - the people opposite me were nearly peeing themselves but gave me sympathetic eyerolls. The carriage was packed so nowhere to go....then the piece de resistance....he reaches down (another elbow in the face) and pulls out a milkshake. I kid you not. So now he has the milkshake balanced on the pizza box (which is now closed as he's polished it off) and proceeds to drink it but oh no let's pull the lid off (another elbow in face) and lick the lid - while there's still milkshake left. I had buried my head in my ereader by then but then heard kissing noises and saw the look of horror of some young girls opposite. I am not sure if he was just smacking his laps or actually making kissy faces at them but I got the hell out of dodge and got off the train and into the next carriage. I saw him get off at Hampstead or Hamster as I like to call it as that's what it sounds like when the automated voice says it. Never a dull moment in London.

Hoping tomorrow is a more productive day. I plan to go to the markets at Brick Lane - a light brekky tomorrow as hope to go to Beigel Bake for a bagel if it's not too crowded. We shall see. From there I don't know. All depends on the foot......