Saturday, January 28, 2012

Four more sleeps

Yes! Four more sleeps and it's off to the next adventure - Orange County, California and Austin, Texas for 12 days. I am getting pumped - it will be nice (once again) to walk without fear of slipping on ice. While we are having an awesome winter here (relatively speaking..) it will still be good to see palm trees and the ocean. Why am I going to Austin? I am on a walking program to walk all the state capitals (and states) of the U.S. I am over half done for both...I still have to go back to Texas to visit San Antonio and Galveston but that will be another time....perhaps in early Spring some year before it gets too warm.

My trip will take me to Laguna Beach for three nights, Huntington Beach for two nights, Newport Beach for four nights and then over to Austin Texas for three more nights. It will involve lots of walking and who knows what else. I have booked into motels/hotels that are close to the beach but economical...well except for Huntington Beach. I am registered to walk a half marathon there but because of recent problems with my foot the jury is out on that one. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

hope its all lots of fun and I hope your foot does not bother you

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