Getting ready to say goodbye

Well am at an internet cafe just off Piccadilly Circus - it's nuts out there. ~TONS of people and you can barely move. Putting in time until it's time to go for an early dinner as the show starts at 7:30. I will be finishing up my packing when I get back tonight.

This morning I took the tube to Canary Wharf and saw all four ice sculptures in the ice sculpture festival... - luckily I did not go all that way for that. I carried on to the Museum of the Docklands which was fantastic....the history of the docks/Thames from Roman times until the present day. I really enjoyed it. Highly recommended and it's free. They have developed the old dockland area- leaving some old buildings in place (like the musuem) but mostly new buildings....lots of skyscrapers out there! I then took the tube back to the west end and have been rambling around Covent Garden, along the Thames, Trafalgar Square, etc. There are places I didn't get to this trip but I discovered new ones. I took this trip at a leisurely pace and am glad I did.

I am checked in for my flight tomorrow - boarding passes printed. Mentally I am getting ready to go...I think these crowds are a good thing...makes it easier to leave!

I have booked a taxi to the airport - I decided that taking the tube with my bad foot and bad knees right now was asking for trouble. I am so worried about falling. It costs 30 pounds and takes about 45 minutes. I did that once before and it was wonderful to sit and relax and not be watching the time and guarding my luggage not to mention hauling my luggage around down stairs, escalators, onto busses. I just walk in the door of the airport. I can leave later as well and have a relaxing breakfast. Sometimes it's good to make things simple. I won't be taking this duffle bag again I can tell you - it's on wheels but is still so awkward.

I wore most of my wardrobe - only used a fancy woolen scarf once Paris. A cardigan I brought along was barely used due to the zipper breaking so my fleece jacket was used in it's place which was a lot......three pairs of shoes....never again. I brought dress shoes because of going to church and the ballet in time it will be running shoes or leather walking shoes. Too bad so sad if people don't like it. I wear my heavier hiking boots on the plane.

After a month on the road I am ready to go home...Salzburg seems a lifetime ago. Home for two and a half weeks then on the road again...gotta love it!

Wizard of Oz tonight - can't wait!