A late start

Well told Simon I wouldn't be having breakfast downstairs today - just had some yogurt and fruit and it was a nice change. A combo of mango and pineapple - yum...M & S of course as well as their lakeland honey and ginger yogurt. Very nice. The instant coffee in the room - well we won't go there but hey for twenty five pounds a night I also have a kettle and tea bags/instant coffee in my room. I will have a cup of the real stuff later. I am on a quest to buy some coffee beans over here. That is one of the things I do - buy coffee beans when I travel. I am past having "souvenirs" - my photographs are my souvenirs and anything useful I find when on the road. I bought a little egg cup in Paris and also two little rubber coasters that look like records. (I have a thing about coasters...)

Just had to pay some bills online this morning and check out the moola situation - yeah even that kind of stuff follows you on the road. A shame isn't it. Speaking of the road I've been away well over three weeks now. Actually in just over a week I will be heading back over the pond...a shorter overseas trip for me but that is because I will be heading out again a few weeks later...I am already thinking when will I get back here. I never thought I'd be back in London at the same time a year later when I was here a year ago...I thought I'd be in Vietnam. That's where I think I will be next year - will be interesting to find out!

I think today I will finish up the walk I started the other day and if the weather holds I will be at Hyde Park so will spend some time there and in Kensington Gardens then over to the Geffrye musuem for their Farewell to Christmas and to look at their Christmas over the years display. But kind of a chill out start to the day and that works for me.

I may do a Spy walk with London walks tomorrow afternoon. Places in London where actual espionage and spys hung out...should be good. At some point I also have a 18 km walk I need to do - Monday? Sunday is the market at Brick Lane....I am hoping the artist who does the wonderful coasters (see told you I have a thing about them...) is there as I'd like to buy a couple more. I love the four I have that he made.

A quiet night in tonight as double Corrie night plus a new Law and Order UK..woo hoo. Tomorrow night will be a play. I have looked for other plays/musicals to attend but nothing interests me or I have already seen it. Next week will be two more outings if not one more - still haven't made up my mind on that one.

Well time to pop into the shower and start my day...no rain and the birds are singing. Gotta love it.