Sunny day in the parks

Well today I finished the walk I had started on Monday. As luck would have it the sun was shining as I got out of the tube station and walked to Trafalgar Square. What was even better is the lack of tourists....yeah yeah I know I am one too but I like to think I am "special". :) Anyway I walked down Whitehall to the Horse Guards at Whitehall and can you believe I was the only tourist. That is a first I then walked to St. James Park and skulked around there for a that park so much. It's beautifully manicured with all sorts of waterfowl and of course squirrels. I then walked past Buckingham Palace - people were lined up but the sign said no changing of the guard until tomorrow...but I did see the horseguards go in their horsey procession down to Whitehall. Love of the many things I love about London. I carried on past Hyde Park corner and into Hyde Park. The walk instructions said walk on Rotten Row..boring...I walked by the Serpentine lake which ran parallel. I then carried on to the other side to the Lido where I haven't been in years. I had only had toast for breakfast and it was now noon so I had a small pot of tea and a piece of cake. I sat outside at a little table by the was fantastic. Nice enough today to sit outside as long as you had a jacket was wonderful. From there I carried on to Kensington Gardens and saw the Peter Pan statue. I never get tired of seeing that and there is always something new I see on the statue. I then walked across the park enjoying the green green grass and the doggies....past the Albert Memorial and around the Royal Albert Hall. Past the musuems - the V & A and Natural History musuem and through Chelsea and ended up at Earls Court. Had fish and chips in a pub. Very tasty. And no black skin!!

I then decided to visit Sir John Soanes musuem in Holborn. I was bored - and creeped out as the basement was full of sculpures, pottery, etc. and only lit with candles. I had to hand in my backpack and I can see why as there wasn't much room to move about. Even the main floor living area did not interest me. It was disappointed as had heard it was wonderful but it did nothing for me.

Tonight I went to Brent Cross which is only a ten minute bus trip from here. I bought a new top mainly because I need one and that was about it. I really can't believe how little I bought...when I think of all the stuff I hauled back in the 70's and 80's - clothes, records, books, all sorts of gifts like shoes for my niece, etc. Yikes. There is just nothing that appeals.

Of course I still have three more days......