Tales from the launderette

Well I took the little H2 bus to Golders Green and went to the launderette as I did not have a clean piece of clothing. I was a bit concerned as today is a holiday here being as New Years was on a Sunday. No fear they were open. There was a pretty cool old fellow in there - let's just call him a bloke...anyway this bloke told me to use the next machine to the one I was starting to load up as it was five pounds not six pounds. That was nice of him. I was able to cram everything into one big machine. Plus he didn't charge me for the soap - a rare occurence believe me. I took off to get some money out of the ATM and to grab my first coffee from Costa coffee. Back to dry the clothes and the bloke and I had a good chat. He asked if I was from Canada and said he had been there for a few hours. A few hours? Well what a story. He said way back about 50 years ago he and this woman broke up - he did the breaking up and she was none too pleased. They were both ball room dance instructors and he said hard to believe and it was as he looked he belonged on a harley with long white hair and beard...let's say he looked like he had a pretty good time in the 60's. Anyway together they owned a rare expensive car. Well one day some guy called him and said go to your upstairs window and look out - well his car drove by only it was split in half with one end going each way. Hey that's what he told me. Anyway turned out his girlfriend did that out of spite. She ended up marrying and moving to Canada. Well he decided to get his own back and got on a plane to Toronto and hired a taxi to take him to her house - rang her doorbell just dressed in clothes like he had just popped out of the house for a few minutes (as he put it)and watched her expression. He said we have to talk and then ran back to the taxi that was waiting and off they roared as she ran out into the street. And back to England he went. Kind of crazy but he was a crazy guy. I could not see the point of that - hey if someone wrecked my expensive car on purpose I'd want to do something a bit more should I say vindictive.... He said she has moved back to London and phoned his dad to ask if she could give him her number to pass on but he said he threw it in the garbage. Wow what some people do. Turns out she had a very unhappy marriage and he had a wonderful one until his wife passed away four years ago. I love these random things that happen - crazy story and it passed the time while my clothes were spinning around.
Stopped in a Sainsbury Local (small version of supermarket) and got another prawn and mayonnaise sandwich for my supper - okay I KNOW that's bad but they didn't have much else...honest. Also got some apple juice and some carrot and parsnip crisps and a tiny bottle of wine for later....:) To toast my return to my favourite place on earth.
Double episode of Corrie tonight - ah life is good. A rare evening in so am going to enjoy it and relax and rest my foot. Heavy rain was forecast for tomorrow but will check the updated forecast next as want to do my favourite walk from Westminster to the Tower of London (won't go into Coutts bank this time!) and see the lights in the evening.
I must say I enjoyed my time in Paris - the accommodation might not have been what I expected but I can now say I've stayed in a typical Paris flat. I found the Parisians not rude at all and while friendly might be too strong a word no one was ever rude to me and I found them very helpful and kind. This morning a gal in the apartment building carried Eddie down a flight of stairs for me. I think it helps to know a few words - despite five years of French in school I am not good and just know basic phrases but I think making the effort is appreciated. To me it's only common courtesy to know a few words when you visit a country even if it's just hello, goodbye, please thank you. I did know a bit more than that for Germany and France and hope to refresh my knowledge in the future as I have studied German as well. It's just that when you don't use it you lose it.
Well I think I hear that prawn sandwich calling me...or maybe it's the veggie crisps....cheerio!


judi said…
Glad you made it ....strong winds down here and rain today again ..blah ..sorry you had problems getting into your room but good it was alright in the end ...see you soon xxxx