Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Walkers crisps you are too tempting

Anyone who has been to England knows about Walkers crisps - any flavour under the sun and then some....I have resisted for years but I just polished off a bag (they are small that is one good thing...) of prawn cocktail crisps. Oh my.
Anyway....I am listening to the wind blow - you would almost think I was back in Saskatchewan. Rain for tomorrow morning with sun coming out in the p.m. according to the forecast. So I guess I won't be in a hurry to get to the Thames Barrier if the wind is blowing - if not well I can walk in the rain as long as it's not too heavy. It will be fun getting to the barrier - I have researched and have found several ways....
I did over half the walk today and then decided to finish it up another day. I enjoyed what I did very much - Clerkenwell is a fascinating part of London with so much history. Walked through Smithfield market where I saw the spot where William Wallace (Braveheart) was executed, saw St. Johns Priory, ancient churches - I did this walk several years ago and enjoyed it then. I made it as far as Leicester Square so can easily do the last 3 or 4 km another day.
Tonight I saw Backbeat...interesting. I enjoyd it...I think. The best part was the band singing at the end and boogying and singing along. Quite graphic sexually...whoa. I did my seat upgraded to a lower balcony in the front row so that was cool.
I came back in between the walk and the play to have a shower and have a tiny rest before heading out to the west end. I had a pizza and glass of wine at Pasta Brown. Before you think wow a whole pizza they are Italian style which is very thin crust - I just had the margerita which is just mozza, tomatoes and spices. I LOVE pizza in all shapes and sizes.
Tomorrow will likely be an eat at home evening but who knows...but it's time for another one - can't afford to eat out at London restaurant prices. However...have to see what turns up tomorrow....another place I want to try while here is Manze and sons on Tower Bridge road - they serve traditional meat pies with mashed potato and are supposed to be really good - but only open for lunch Monday to Friday....
Yes I know I talk a lot about food....I dream a lot about it too...:)

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