Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another day in paradise

Top: Sunset from Crescent Bay lookout
Middle and bottom: Mission San Juan Capistrano

It was a warm one today..whew! Not complaining, not complaining!!!

I walked over to the beach by the hotel this morning and then up on the Cliff walk which I love. Never get tired of it. Over to the boardwalk at the Main Beach and then had breakfast at the Greeter cafe by the beach. The Greeter is named for a fellow from Denmark who lived in Laguna Beach from the 40's on - in 1963 he was named official greeter of Laguna Beach! His likeness is on two statues in the city. Anyway I sat outside and had a avocado, bacon and cheese omelette. Very nice - how often can you have that?

From there I walked over to the Laguna Bus station where I met Cindy (see previous post)...I took a bus to Dana Point and then had to change busses. Well how the other half lives - I actually got in an elevator to take me to a walkway over the highway and then an elevator down and there I was. I took a picture and joked to the lady sitting there this is so posh. Well we never exchanged names but we had a great conversation. She was impressed I was bussing it everywhere and enjoyed seeing all facets of Orange County. She said most women who come here just want to shop and see nice things - I said I've travelled a lot and I want to see everything - warts and all as that is what life is. She told me about traveling by bus and train in the area. She travels by public transit into her job in LA every week day. We chatted all the way to San Juan Capistrano - she caught the train and I went into the mission. It was beautiful - I love the Spanish adobe style. Spent about 45 minutes there checking it in and taking photographs. There was an audio tour included but the line was too long to pick it up and I knew I was more interested in the architecture than the history of it. This is the place where the swallows arrive on the 19th of March and leave on the 23rd of October....well so they say....

From there I started the 5 km walk. Not the most exciting but I knew I would not have time or energy in the heat to do a 10km walk. The last part was the best - going through the Los Rios historic district. Many people live in the small bungalows and have fixed them up to be very unique and there are quite a few shops and cafes as well. A very interesting area.

I took the bus back to the Pacific Highway and then the #1 bus back here. I changed and then headed over to Crescent Bay overlook to watch the sunset. Beautiful as always!!! I then managed to get the bus - it pulled up just as I arrived at the bus stop...perfect timing for once. I had a small pizza for supper due to a lack of anything else I wanted - it was good however.

Then took the bus back here.

Now I have to work out a plan for clue right now what I am doing...but I know what I'm NOT doing..a half marathon. I am blocking out the thought of that beautiful medal and envisioning very sore feet, knees hips - the training has not been there. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought of trying to do it...about a hundred times a day....BUT... I have not done a long walk since Boxing Day....oh why oh why did Eddie have to fall on my foot. It is getting better I must admit. I don't want to ruin that by trying to do something I am not trained for.

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