Halfway there..

Well I am sitting in Vancouver airport - free wifi..woo hoo. I am officially in the U.S. now - have cleared customs..yep they let me in. Oops better not joke about that...they might haul my ass out of here. Anyway a landmark day...for my passport anyway...the last time it will be stamped. Cdn passports are such a ripoff - only five years and really you only get four and a half years out of them as your passport has to be good for six months after you enter most countries...it's not quite six months until mine expires...shhh...

Made a fool of myself at security - even though we were in a secured area had to go through security again...so had to drink my nearly full bottle of water quickly muttering about well I won't say.....Anyway went through security and asked why my backpack hadn't come through - it's a blue one and these people came through after me and....uh...sorry, it's right beside me on the floor... Cringe....why do I keep doing this to myself. Someone joked I should go to Starbucks and get a large coffee. :)

Just had a freshly made for me veggie sandwich - if I don't eat now I won't eat again until about 7 pm my time at the earliest. I am not spending money to eat packaged airplane food.

Vancouver airport is huge - I started off the wrong way to U.S. departures but that was okay - lots of time and I saw some beautiful Inuit carvings. I wouldn't have seen them otherwise. Westjet was not too informative about where we should go...or that our plane was carrying on to Vancouver - they kept talking about Calgary until we landed. I had to ask a flight attendant to ensure I was staying on the same plane.

But on second though I think I do need another coffee.....