Friday, February 10, 2012

Howdy from Texas Y'all!

Well after a pretty sleepness night worrying over whether the taxi driver would show up and other things (amazing how bad things seem at 2 a.m.) the driver showed up bang on time and I got to the airport and luggage checked etc. and time for a coffee and scone. The flights were good - I flew through Dallas/Fort Worth.

I had booked a shuttle so got door to door service. I usually like to take public transit but it sounded too complicated so I decided to make life easy for myself.

The house is darling. Basically I have half the house - the front half - kitchen, living room/dining room, bathroom and bedroom. Sovay, the owner is in the back I have yet to meet her as she is not home yet. I must remember to go out and get cream as she has left coffee here and loads of stuff. She has at least one dog but no barks - just heard tags jangling and panting. Very well trained! I am sitting on a leather couch as I write this with a huge wooden coffee table in front of me filled with magazines/info on Austin. Awesome! I have a flat screen TV in my bedroom...who could ask for more? I just have to remember there are two terracotta steps down into the kitchen.....:)

I think I am going to like it here. You gotta love a place that has huge ceramic guitars at their baggage claim - first time ever I've taken pictures at baggage claim!!!! Austin is known for it's music scene and I hope to catch a live performance as long as it's not country!!!

After I got here and freshened up a bit I walked around the neighbourhood a bit. I already bought myself a movie ticket for Tinker, Tailer, Soldier Spy at the movie theatre three blocks away. I will go late tomorrow is a theatre that sells drinks and food so should be interesting. I can drink a glass of wine and eyeball Colin Firth - not a bad combo I'd say. :) The other showings were in the morning when I will be walking and at 10:30 p.m. - I think not I will be tucked up in bed!

I had supper at a Mexican place at the end of the street - sizzling beef fajitas with a peach margerita. The margerita has gone right to my head. Wow. Not sure how much longer I will be up!!! Not a good combo with no sleep....

The lady next to me on the plane said I must go to the Texas history musuem so that works out well as my capital city walk goes right by there - I plan to do that tomorrow. Can't wait to start exploring!

I arrived to sunny blue skies when rain was predicted...fingers crossed!!!!

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