Thursday, February 9, 2012

I gave up Paul for birds and otters....

Well today was my last day in California...tomorrow I fly to Austin, Texas for three days. Paul McCartney finally got his star on Hollywood & Vine. I knew nothing about this when I booked my trip. At first I was excited but then reality set in...a three hour trip EACH way - two busses and two trains...standing for hours and probably not even seeing him. I dithered all week but finally decided no I would not make the trek to Hollywood. I must be getting old...or maybe just gaining some sanity - who knows. Six years ago I camped out all night in New York City to get him to autograph a book...had a blast but I don't know that I'd do that now. Ugh...I AM old! Anyway I am glad he got his recognition at long last.

This morning I went to the Sugar Shack in Huntington Beach for breakfast - had a "lite" breakfast which as scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast. The Sugar Shack was voted best breakfast 'in the OC' for several years was good but of course what I had isn't exactly gourmet fodder. I was debating on a pastry and coffee but it was lucky I had something substantial as I did't get a chance to eat until 6 pm.

After breakfast I went to the Huntington Beach library to get my boarding passes for tomorrow...well she could not program the computers for people who did not have library cards. She had to phone IT, etc. so needless to say I could not get my boarding passes. She said it was the first time that had ever happened. Of course!!!

I got the bus to Long Beach. Met a couple from Australia at the bus stop who were on their way to Venice...California that is! And were to come back today....And I thought I was bad for thinking of Hollywood. Good Luck with that! Oh yes they wanted to stop in Hollywood on their way there!!! A few people on the bus were helping them- the bus drivers are not the most helpful at directions. I think they were going to rent a car in the end....anyway I went to the Aquarium in Long Beach. It was pretty good - not as good as the one in Atlanta or the former one in New Orleans but still good. They had lorrikeets which I love - I purchased some nectar so had a couple on my hands and I guess one was riding around on my backpack. :) I love birds so it was a real thrill - I haven't had a close encounter (as in having them crawl on me) with lorrikeets since I was in Australia in 1985. They are so pretty. I could have stayed there a LONG time. I must have caught the last of the hungry ones as some people after me had nectar and they almost had to chase the birds to have some!!! The sea otters were adorable as well. It was well worth the trip. I was able to take the #1 bus up then had to transfer to another one downtown. I saw the Queen Mary from a distance. As luck would have it there was a library downtown so I was able to print off my boarding passes - had to apply for a temporary library card so a bit of a hassle but it all worked out...not many seats left by then - none on the aisle which is where I prefer to sit for easy access to the loo...I am in window seats. Nothing asked about my luggage so I assume I check in and pay at the airport? I guess I'll find out!

There is a walk in Long Beach but I opted not to do it as it was pretty hot out - perhaps next time I am in the area I will do it.

Back on the bus to Huntington Beach where I saw my last ocean sunset off the pier. Beautiful as always. I also watched the surfers as Huntington Beach is Surf City, USA. Lots there - I admire them. I wouldn't try that in a million years and of course you have to be a strong swimmer to even attempt it. Let alone the thought of jaws out thanks.

I had supper at the Aloha Grill which is a Polynesian restaurant on Main St. in Huntington Beach. Oh my - it was really good. I had a mahi mahi fillet with a peppercorn sauce on it with sticky rice and sauteed veggies. With a terriyaki sauce on the side. Very good. I also had a Mango Mai tai. Originally I had sat outside on their balcony but there was a very loud drunk woman out there so I moved inside where it was a bit quieter. So a special meal for my last night - very reasonable as well. I looked at the menu at the Rusty Pelican again and decided no - a little too expensive for my budget. Okay for a treat but when you are on the road for a couple of weeks you have to watch the money. Well I do anyway!!!

Back here on the bus and busy packing my suitcase.

I have booked a taxi for 5:40 a.m. Sure hope he turns up - the receptionist here at the hotel recommended him - she said he's very reliable - she uses him. So fingers crossed he doesn't sleep in!!! Or I don't!!! My flight takes off at 7:30 - I go through Dallas/Fort Worth and get into Austin mid afternoon. I have booked a shuttle to take me to my air bnb apartment - it will be interesting to see what awaits me!!!

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