Sunday, February 5, 2012

I was a good girl..

All the above photos were taken at Crystal Cove State Park

Yes I was a good girl and didn't do the broke my heart but I kept busy all day.

I am sitting outside typing this...yeah it's a tough old life...

First off I had breakfast at a really funky place just a ten minute walk from here, I have been wanting to eat there. It's called the Madison Garden Store and Cafe and it's got everything but the kitchen sink in there. A lot of buddhas and a ton of fountains...luckily they have a toilet! I coudn't see a thing anyone would actually want to buy....but I took picturse of the crazier stuff! I had a bagel with fresh fruit and a lettuce salad. Sorry I could not eat a salad at 8 am.....but I enjoyed the rest. Back to the room and hurray the wifi was back was off last night and earlier this morning. So I was able to look up the bus times for today...

Off I went - Seal Beach was my destination. We had to take a detour through Huntington Beach and I was able to see the half marathon runners staggering along with their SURFBOARD MEDALS AROUND THEIR NECK..SOB!!! Oh well. I was entertained by a young woman opposite me who talked to herself the whole time...well she got on the bus yelling "I ain't go no damn phone - dial 911" and she also yelled it to a man getting off the bus with his small daughter "if he touches you call 911" and then carried on chattering away in two different voices. Oh yeah....there seems to be at least one crazy allotted to each bus ride..quite sad. This girl was clean and well groomed and seemed harmless enough - obviously she has issues and a history.

Anyway Seal Beach itself was a disappointment...there was a surfing contest going on so that was interesting. I must say the bus drivers here are pretty useless at telling you info - I asked if I could get to the pier and he said yes...well would have been nice if he'd said go up another stop as that was the direct route down to the pier and where all the shops/restaurants were so at least was able to enjoy looking in them on my way back. The beach was nothing like the ones here at Laguna Beach...pathetic actually...but I am glad I went there.

Anyway back on the bus and off I went - was able to get a closer look at the motel I will be at until Thursday night - another beach across the highway - yay. I have picked out a place to have my last meal..called the Rusty Pelican - don't you love it? This motel is more isolated than this one as in not a lot around it however Huntington Beach is less than a ten minute bus ride away so that will be good. I will be doing a walk there as well as at least one in Newport Beach.

Next stop....Crystal Cove state park...parking is $15 but if you walk in free...and walk in I did. Wow, it was beautiful. I had my sandals with me and had put them on at Seal beach so off they came and I walked along the sand and paddled in the water which was cold but not too bad. I loved it! There is a section of old beach houses - people have been coming there for years. I have seen it going by on the bus and kept thinking I must go there and so glad I did..a real highlight. It is a rocky beach but so gorgeous. I had a bite to eat at the Shake Shack with a view of the ocean then I walked along the path by the highway and over to an upscale shopping centre. My destination was Trader Joe's - I love that store. I didn't buy much at all but it was fun looking. Back on the bus here. Luckily I had my MP3 player with me so sat and listened to Beach Boys songs...very fitting!!!

The sun should be setting soon here in paradise. I am avoiding restaurants tonight with the Super Bowl on so bought some lobster sushi at Trader Joe's to have later. The joys of having a fridge!!!

Tonight it's time to pack up and leave this beautiful little hotel in the morning...I will miss it. I could never afford to stay here in the summer but winter rates are acceptable.

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