I'm lovin' it!

Huntington Beach pier at sunset

Lovely Laguna Beach - this viewpoint was across the highway from my hotel

To quote McDonalds...yes I am lovin' it. Arrived on time into Santa Ana, the suitcase was there and was able to get the 2:05 bus (there is only one an hour that stops at the airport) Got a day pass for four dollars and I was off. I had to change at the Newport transit centre but I just stood in the sun and enjoyed. Then the bus down the Pacific Coast highway...went past a beautiful stretch of coast line so I must try to get down there at sunset one day. I saw the hotel and rang the buzzer...the bus driver said he wasn't familiar with the area...duh...you are driving a bus down the highway every day I presume...oh well.

I am staying at the Art hotel in Laguna Beach...the owners bought it a few years ago and put art work everywhere (well some of it is debatable as art but still nice). I am opposite the pool area on the second floor. The room is beautiful. Well when you stay in a lot of hostels being in a room like this is pure luxury plus a microwave and little fridge as well. It got rave reviews on Trip Advisor. Here is the web page: I'd recommend it as a reasonable place to stay and in a great area...


I asked where ocean access was and the owner told me and said there is seal rock there and I've talked to them and the seals are waiting for you Laurie. :) So of course I dropped my stuff off, brushed my teeth and was off. Mustn't keep them waiting! First stop Crescent Park outlook - a five minute walk from here. What a view! Seal rock was out there but it's far enough away I could just see a few lumps - but I could sure hear them! I wish I'd brought my zoom lens with me but I didn't....:( I was there for quite a while - I got a bit teary eyed. I do love the ocean! It was a magnificient view. And to think it's so close to me...as I said before I'm lovin it! Definitely must get there for a sunset view.

Anyway from there I carried on to the start point of the walk - had a bit of trouble finding the walk box at the grocery store but they helped me locate it. I signed in and took a copy of the walk and will do it today (Thursday). As I was walking out I saw a bus coming and on a whim jumped on it - my goal was to see the sunset from Huntington Beach pier. Well needless to say I missed it. The trip there was...well let's say interesting...it was packed - I managed to get a seat when someone got off at the next stop. At the Newport transit centre a huge fellow got on - he was obviously mentally ill/homeless - I am not sure. He had to be at least 350 lbs and absolutely filthy. I have never seen or smelt anything like it...people in the bus were gagging - two girls had their hoodies over their faces. His nails were long and filthy - let's not talk about his feet as he was wearing sandals...his slacks had holes in them and I sure did not want to look there too closely. I was mouth breaking and I did not want to offend him so I put my hand over my face like I was in deep thought! Of course he was standing right by me. Poor fellow, obviously he had problems. I saw him later in Huntington Beach sitting on a bench smoking and drinking his coke. (or whatever was in the coke bottle..) The bus driver yelled at him to move to the back as she was suffering too and she mumbled I should kick him off but he stayed on until Huntington Beach but at the back of the bus. Well let's face it if you can afford a car you have one in California - it's not a hub of public transit. I know I would sure have one. I knew this but did not want to be driving the freeways and then again do I really need one...I just plan to mainly travel up and down the Pacific Coast highway and finding parking is a pain. I got a 7 day pass for $20 - you can't beat that....

Anyway by the time I got to Huntington Beach the sun was down but still pink in the sky so enjoyed that then walked down Huntington Beach Pier trying to ignore the marathon signs...I had my evening meal at Ruby's a fifties style diner. Had a strawberry lemonade and a cheeseburger and fries. Got my naughty meal out of the way....but oh it was good. I love it when they toast the bun! :)

I then took the bus back in the dark....very very tired but happy.