Quirky Austin

Well what can I say I absolutely loved Austin. I do want to go back someday. It is not your typical Texan town although not having been to any other place I don't know for sure. From what Sovay says San Antonio doesn't have the harmonous cultural mix that Austin does. (but I still want to go there!)

I met Sovay Monday morning - she knocked on our adoining door and said I've come to have tea! So I had my coffee and she made tea and we had a great chat. What a nice lady. I'd say she is in her 30's - she was born in Texas but raised and attended university in Washington D.C. She came back to Texas in 04. She is a hair dresser and also..she has a degree, owns five properties as well as her own hair salon...what a go getter! Very interesting lady. I will definitely stay there again. I wish we had had more time to visit but she was out of town at a family funeral most of the weekend.

Here is a link to where I stayed - for some reason my photos of her place are blurry - my only blurry photos of the trip....


She was having a wall put in between the units so Domingo, her handy man was there as well and he was a nice fellow too.

Anyway off I went to do the 10 km Bouldin Creek walk which is in the area I was staying. Unfortunately I had overdone it the day before (probably walked 12 to 15 km) and oh boy did my foot hurt. So I hobbled around and did the highlights of the walk which was about 7 km - I loved that area. Lots of neat shops as well as trailer food courts. These are trailers selling food all in one area with seating, etc. Love to go in warmer weather and take in those as well as they are one of Austin's iconic features. I was able to stop at the local branch library and print off my boarding passes so that was good. I do love libraries. I am a library groupie I swear..I cannot go past one without stopping in and checking it out. (plus they are good for a nice clean loo) I guess because I am such an avid reader and all those books....I do love bookstores too!

I stopped at the Bouldin Creek Cafe as my foot needed a rest and I needed something more substantial in my tummy as the yogurt and papaya had worn off. I had scrambled eggs and a blueberry pancake/french toast thing..not quite sure what it was but it was good. The cafe was very different - it used to be a car repair shop and they still had the signs around. I love places like that! I forgot to mention that the day before I had breakfast at a place near my accommodation and the waiter said "My name is Brian and I'm going to hang out with you for a while". Thought that was different - but cute! Austin has a different vibe and I love it.

On I hobbled as I wanted to see the Welcome to Austin sign that is a mural on the side of a building. The walk had information about the various old homes along the way so very interesting. I definitely want to do that walk again when I can enjoy it more.

I stopped off at the Green Mesquite for a piece of pecan pie with ice cream - how could I resist...the staff was so friendly there as well. I'll be back!

I got back to Sovay's place and changed and freshened up and talked a bit with Domingo - luckily I got back in good time as the airport shuttle was ten minutes early.

I was (almost) wishing I hadn't had that lunch/pie as the Austin airport is incredible with small branches of their local restaurants. I had wanted to try the Salt Lick which is supposed to have the best BBQ in America but it is miles outside of Austin - well they had a branch there. However I just wasn't hungry enough. Lots of shops to look in. Even live music!!! You could spend a weekend there. I loved it as it's not a huge airport but very modern with everything you would need. I ended up buying a veggie sub sandwich to have on the plane to Minneapolis.

Flights were good and now I'm back and ready to move on to the next adventure....stay tuned.