Reflections on my trip

I haven't had a chance to do this before but as I am here looking after the critters and it's a pretty quiet Saturday night...

Two trips back to back was hectic but absolutely wonderful. I loved my trip to Europe and being there for Christmas was really special. Great to see my friend Claudia again and we are discussing future places to meet up...I LOVED Salzburg. Paris was great...I loved the freedom of wandering around at my leisure...London anytime is wonderful and I already miss it - I have a London calender at work and have found myself murmuring sweet nothings to it..."I miss you, I love you..". What can I say, I have it bad...Oh well it's been a 37 year love affair and still going strong!!

I adored my trip to California and Texas as well. I miss my southern California beaches so much...when I was crossing a busy street today the thought crossed my mind "I wish I was crossing the Pacific Coast Highway" going to the beach"! I will be back someday as well as perhaps heading further south to San Diego - another favourite of mine. I will definitely return to Austin some day as well. I check out a Austin Photo of the Day blog and wouldn't you know it after I return I see a house just down from where I stayed. It was multi-coloured and pretty and I saw people hanging out there but they had kids so assumed it was a day care. WRONG. It was an art gallery with all sorts of wonderful things inside and out. DRAT!!! Oh well, an excuse to go back right? Two and a half days there was just not enough. Next time I will also visit San Antonio and Galveston. Not sure when but it's on the list!!!

I still have about 25 more state capitals to do so the goal is to get five more done this year...will see if I am up to the challenge.

No plans for any trips...can you believe it. I know I am going to Ottawa in May and Quebec as well but nothing is booked. I hope to go and visit family in Alberta in April.

I have airmiles burning a hole in my pocket...I use these for trips in western Canada and the Yukon, NWT...hmmm....

As far as my foot was a bad day...on days like this I think perhaps my half marathon days are behind me. Then I have a good day and think well maybe is something I love so much. It is hard for people who have never done one to understand the feeling you have when you cross the finish line and get that medal around your neck - the feeling of accomplishment and pride in what you did...very addicting! I know about every great marathon in North America and have a list of them (in my head!) I want to complete.... I am registered for the Ottawa half on May 27th - this was obviously arranged before my trip to Europe and my foot problems there...I know I need to lose weight. This would help a bit I know...but for now I am in turmoil as to my future walking plans.

March will see me fairly busy locally though...stay tuned!!