Sunday, February 12, 2012

A walk in the snow!

Today I did a 10km walk along the Lady Bird lake trail and to the Barton Springs pool. It was chilly today but I was shocked when it started snowing - didn't think it was THAT cold! Oh well better than rain and it didn't last long. Freaked out the Texans though! And today I was dressed for the weather so I was fine. Lady Bird lake is long and seems like a river to me and to make things more confusing there is a street called Riverview Drive beside it. ??? Anyway the Barton Springs Pool was interesting - the water is constantly 68F. Still too cold for me! There were two hardy souls in there swimming. The Springs is the heart and soul of Austin according to Sovay's was interesting to read about the history of it.

I went back to Whole Foods after the walk and had a piece of pizza..very good...bacon, peppers, chicken and blue egg and toast for breakfast was long burnt off. I then carried on to REI - a sporting goods store like Mountain Equipment Co-op but I resisted and got nothing. I then went to the Book People which is a huge independent bookstore and I didn't buy any books but I did buy a coffee mug. I saw a cute Austin mug in Wild About Music and then at the Texas history museum and I said to myself if I see it one more time I will buy it - I did so I did!! I went back to Whole Foods and bought a few things - yogurt and fruit for breakfast tomorrow...aren't you impressed? I won't embarass myself by saying how long I was in that store looking around. I love it!

I had supper at the Green Mesquite Cafe. I had a BBQ sausage in a bun followed by peach cobbler with ice cream. Yum!!!

I have packed my case...I fly home tomorrow evening. Tomorrow I will do the Boulden Creek walk which is a neighbourhood very close to here. It looks interesting with lots of historical houses as well as shops/restaurants. Sovay has let me check out late - the shuttle will pick me up at 3. There is a library in that area so I hope to use the computer there and print my boarding passes. (I fly through Minneapolis)

I'm watching the Grammies now...I don't know any of these people or very few and don't think I care to.... but I am hanging in there for Paul...

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