Friday, February 3, 2012


Well today was another full day....I attempted to have breakfast here. Now that I've got cream for my coffee (I have a little fridge) I can drink it here (life is too short to have powered creamer in your coffee). I had bought a pastry and a yogurt....well I nuked the pastry a bit too long and it was inedible and it was interesting trying to eat yogurt with a stir stick. I then held the yogurt up to my face and was squeezing it to get it in my mouth....just glad there is no video footage of THAT!!!

Anyway I set off on the #1 bus along the Pacific Coast highway - destination Dana Point which is about a half hour from here. As luck would have it the bus stopped opposite the start point of the walk - I was expecting a walk but the highway is one way at that point so it goes down Del Prado which is where I had to sigbn in. I signed in for the 5km walk. I lucked out again - it went right by the harbour and past the whale watching place. Anyway knowing this I took my time and stopped at Coffee Importers for a coffee and bagel and cream cheese. I had a Hawaiin bagel which had pineapple and coconut in it's crust. It was quite good. Lots of people were sitting outside enjoying their coffee - and so did I. I knew I had lots of time so sat and relaxed and people watched. Then I carried on and got my ticket and looked in some shops. I found a t-shirt for half price so could not resist.

The boat left at noon and I'd like to say I had a whale of a time but it was more a dolphin of a time. No whales...oh well. I have seen whales before so I was fine with it - felt sorry for those on board who haven't seen any. On the bright side we did see a huge pod of common dolphins - on the way out and the way back. It was magical - I have not seen that many since a boat trip off Cape Cod. Just two days ago there were lots but I guess it happens like that. They don't travel on our schedule. Also saw some sea lions hanging out on a buoy. I still enjoyed the trip - I love being out on the water.

After the boat trip I had a late lunch at the Jolly Roger restaurant which was beside the dock. I sat outside (of course) and had shrimp tacos - yum. I am trying to have Mexican food when I can as we don't have a decent Mexican restaurant at home and of course there is a lot of it here for obvious reasons.

I then finished the walk and went back to the start point and signed up for the San Juan Capistrano walk. It starts by the mission so I have worked out the bus route and will do the 5 km walk tomorrow. The 10km route does not look too interesting and there are other things I want to do tomorrow. I will visit the mission - found out it's not run by the RC church so I will go.....yes I have a problem with the RC church but let's not go there right now...I will just try to ignore the missionary part of it...yes I hate missionaries too unless they are helping people and not trying to convert them to christianity....hmmm...maybe I had better not go in. I know I was there in 1983 but can't remember if we went in or not. Yikes....

What I saw of Dana Point I was not impressed - yes it's very beautiful and lots of gated communities (which I hate) and everything new and clean but it had no character at all. I imagine there are parts that are more real, I hope so.

I went to the highway and sat and waited and waited and waited for the bus - it was nearly 25 mins. late. Sigh...but for me being a tourist and just doing my thing it works. I am patient - but tomorrow I will take my MP3 player! If I lived here I would have to have a car. I had to get to Huntington Beach to pick up my race package. Now for that sad tale...I am not going in the race on Sunday but damn it I paid money to go in it so wanted my t-shirt and to go to the expo and see all the vendors and buy stuff and get free samples. Finally got there...luckily no lineup to hand in my waiver and get my race that was a sad moment and I must admit I had a little tear in my eye but I will be back....30 lbs lighter and in fine form. (as long as another suitcase doesn't fall on my foot!) They had the surfboard medals there and oh my it is so nice...good quality too...I picked it up and fondled it....I want you baby but I will get one...I will I will.....however I know I cannot do it. I do not have the training behind me to get through a 21 km race. My longest was 14 km six weeks ago and my foot has finally stopped hurting...well for now....aside from it's normal problem....Anyway to console myself I got two new pairs of wicking socks - one pair with "walk on" written on them and one with ladybugs. And a tech t-shirt that says "Forget the glass slippers, this princess wears running shoes". Lots of stuff there and I only had 45 minutes to peruse it...if I'd been in the race I'd have bought something with Surf City marathon on it but like I say I WILL BE BACK. I do love this area.

Checked the bus schedule and I had to wait so walked the half mile into the main area of town and looked for a toilet. I did not want to use the disabled toilet on the beach like I did Wed. evening...creepy. So I saw an ice cream shop with one and realized no supper and it's got a had a gelato with three tiny scoops of tropical, strawberry and double chocolate. Oh yum. Some people were most put out when they realized you could get three flavours and they only had one. It is the best ice cream I've had in a while - so that was dinner/supper. Real healthy I know...

I realize I have yet to see Huntington Beach in daylight but I will rectify that early next week and spend the entire day there . I had thought of going the day of the marathon but I think it will be too crazy busy and I'd rather save that for when I actually do the half. It's just with the entertainment and all....sniff sniff...I might cave and do it although I shudder to think how late the bus will be running with the distruptions...

I've seen the place I will be staying in Newport Beach and while it looks nice it is quite far away from everything so I am glad I chose to spend the two extra days here. (cancelled my hotel in Huntington Beach - being right there would have been too hard...I know bleat on some more about it Laurie...but doing that race has been my dream for years...) However it is really close to HB so I will spend next week exploring that area as well as Newport Beach and focus on the southern end while I am here.

Got the bus back and somehow missed my stop so had to walk back over a half mile...duh...

Tomorrow morning is the Farmers market in downtown Laguna Beach then on to the mission and hopefully sunset at San Clemente Pier.

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