What a fabulous day

Some of the highlights

It really was a fab day. I had a pastry (tiny) and a banana then headed out on the 10 km walk. Originally I had planned to do it backward with the ocean first but decided to follow it the correct way. After about 3 km I stopped and had a proper breakfast - I was looking at the map and realized it was a lot of beach walking so no restaurants. I tend to get carried away walking and while I always carry a snack sometimes it isn't enough. I am glad I did as there were hills and lots of stairs and not sure I could have done it on what I had eaten. So I had hueovs rancheros...eggs in a sauce on a tortilla. Very good. Then off I went - the walk went through downtown and then a residential/commerical area that wasn't too attractive - luckily that didn't last long. Crossed over the Pacific Highway and walked along a narrow street with beautiful homes and stairs leading down to the ocean. I stopped many a time to take photographs or walk on the beach. I loved it. The smell of the salt and the sound of the waves....sigh...wish I could bottle it. Ran into a fella who (gleefully it seemed) told me I had missed about a mile of dolphins jumping - by about half an hour. Oh well what can you do....

The walk then went along the Main beach boardwalk and then climbed up to the Cliff walk which was spectacular. I overhead a woman saying something about a whale so asked and sure enough there was one out there. I saw it blow and a little bit of black..it was something anyway. The Gray whales are now migrating north after spending the last few months in Baja, California feeding and mating, giving birth. All that fun stuff. (well not the giving birth part - can't imagine giving birth to a baby whale would be much fun...owie!!) The walk was fabulous and what was even more fabulous was that not only was the sun shining but my feet were happy.

I came back here to rest a bit - sat in the jacuzzi on the top floor for about ten minutes then back down here to sit by the pool and read for a bit. The pool was just a bit too cool for me. It was nice to relax.

I then headed off again - over the road and along the Cliff walk again to watch the sunset. Spectacular! I then went for an Italian meal which was simple but good. I then took part in the Art walk. The first Thursday of every month some galleries open with the artists there and wine/food. I was much more interested in the latter. (surprise, surprise!) Some of the art was beautiful but sorry I am a philistine when it comes to art and have absolutely no interest either. I like a painting or piece of art that looks like something. None of this crap that you don't know what it is. The craziest one? A whirring fan with a pen attached hanging from the ceiling. It was drawing circles or whatever over and over again. Give me strength.

So no bus today - I walked everywhere. My dogs are now whimpering a bit I must admit - I think I even heard one bark a bit. Oh well a bit of a rest tomorrow.

I have booked a whale/dolphin watching trip for tomorrow at noon. I plan to do the 5 km walk in Dana Point (where the boat leaves from) -not sure if before or after. I have a pastry and a yogurt (but no spoon so have to be creative...) for breakfast - don't want a big breakfast with going on a boat. I am quite excited. I have been on many a whale watching trip but it never loses it's excitement.

The owner of the hotel was telling me about a fabulous walk up into the hills so I might do that one morning too. It is going to be hard to fit everything in that I want to do! I guess I have to come back here someday.


judi said…
all sounds fabulous ..wish I was there with you as it is -4 here now and snow expected ...boo