Where did the sun go?

It disappeared today but they tell me it will be back tomorrow - hope so!!! It was a bit on the chilly side today - yeah cry me a river I know...but compared to the day before. I actually had to wear my jacket and it rained on and off but nothing serious. Most of the rain has come after I was in for the evening.

This place is noisier than the Art Hotel - let's just say the walls are like paper and leave it like that....

Anyway I had a light breakfast at Cappy's next door - just sourdough toast and coffee. Then I hopped on the bus and got off along the highway and walked downhill to the coffee shop where the Balboa/Newport Beach walks started from. I grabbed another coffee and sat outside at a table and went through all the walks. I decided to do a 5km as the weather was very iffy and when they predicted rain I thought they actually meant a bit of a downpour....silly me. Anyway the walk was very nice - walked over a bridge to Balboa Island and then took a ferry over to Balboa and walked along the ocean and to Balboa Pier. Strolled through a deserted amusement park - nothing sadder than a closed for the season amusement park....despite the dreary weather I did enjoy the walk. Newport Beach is very upscale to put it mildly....

I went back to the start point and got a muffin for lunch. Pineapple and orange - yum yum. A pigeon thought so too....I was busy reading a map of a 5 km walk and looked up and there was a pigeon eating my muffin. Cheeky sod! He was determined and he got about a good third of it. I flapped my hands at him but he kept on gobbling and would not move for anything and I didn't want to be bitten - I hope he enjoyed it. Oh well, less calories right?

I decided to do a 5km walk backwards to avoid the hill I had just come down to start the walk...ha ha...never a good idea with me. I got way off track - oh well what I did do was a nice walk but not the Back Bay area I had intended!!!

I got a bus to Fashion Island to check out Bath and Body Works - I retrained myself and got very little...I didn't want to haul it to Texas and then back home. Fashion Island is an upscale outdoor shopping centre - the only reason I went there was that it was the closest one to me. In my goretex jacket and waterproof pants I am sure they were ready to call the fashion police! I then had a late lunch/early supper (3:30 pm) at the Cheesecake Cafe - never been before. Had a California cheesesteak which was good. It was chilly and just did not feel like roaming around finding a place to eat...I know lazy lazy.

I was going to go to a laundromat but the logistics of taking the bus and walking were daunting so now my room looks like a Chinese laundry! Thank goodness for quick dry t-shirts - I should have brought more with me. They are ideal for traveling.

Tomorrow I plan to do a 10km walk in Balboa and then perhaps head down the road to Huntington Beach again....we shall see.