Monday, April 23, 2012

A mini-break!

I hit the road this past weekend for a short one night getaway.  I missed the Michael Jackson Salute with the Regina Symphony last year and when I saw the Saskatoon Symphony was going to do the same thing this April I bought my ticket immediately!  It turned out to be a wonderful weekend.

I stayed at the White Pelican Bed and Breakfast - here is the
I stayed in the Gold room and very nice it was too.  Breakfast was a spanish omelette which was delicious.

Got lots of walking in as the weather was sunny and warm.  Walked along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River as far as the Circle Drive bridge one way and down through the newly developed Riverside Landing to the Farmers Market at the other end.  I was one exhausted puppy on Sunday night!  I didn't do it all at once though...

Had a new experience...walked on a pedestrian railway bridge with a fence between the pedestrians and the train tracks.  Been there, done that on that particular bridge several times but a train came along.  At first I thought how cool but then as it approached I felt my blood run cold.  I do not like being really close to moving trains or semi-trailer trucks...and I'd never been that close before...and then the bridge was rumbling..  It turned out to be okay (:breath Laurie just breath"!) and was actually hoping for a repeat performance when I walked the same bridge again the next day.

The concert was fabulous with the group Jeans and Classics backed by the Saskatoon Symphony.  All of Michael Jackson's hits with the highlight being "Thriller".  The lead singer did not dress like Michael or try to 'be' Michael but he did an excellent job. I sat beside a woman and her young son and she told me she had seen the Classic Mystery Tour and it is fabulous - I am going to see that one May 12th!  All in all a wonderful evening.

Of course I have to talk about the food....after I checked in I walked over to ta coffee shop called City Perks.  I had a curried tuna sandwich with a strawberry & greens salad on the side; it took FOREVER to get it but worth the wait...almost. .... For dinner that evening I treated myself and went to the 2nd Ave. Grill.  I ordered pecan crusted chicken breast with brie inside - with mashed asiago potatoes and grilled vegetables on the side.  I must not forget the starter salad...a green salad with Saskatoon berry dressing...oh my my my...I had to restrain myself from licking the bowl. :)  A very nice meal.

At the farmers market on Sunday (where I bought some photo note cards as well as some home made ginger/berry jam) I had a piece of Saskatoon berry pie with cream on.  Oh my my my...that was lunch!  The omelette had been good but it wasn't huge and after walking for two and a half hours I was hungry. 

All in all a great break!!! 

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