A new home

Yes I am moved and slowly getting settled in. I have downsized into a one bedroom apartment from a two bedroom...well I say downsized and I did get rid of a few things like a wall unit, deep freeze, microwave stand...um....well some clothes and really I did take quite a bit to Value Village. Really I did. But the movers did tell me I have too much 'stuff'. Hmmmff!!! (how do you spell that?) I call it a life well lived. Rubbermaid containers of photo albums and my Beatles collection take up most of my storage room. Luckily I have a huge balcony as there are still a few things out there awaiting a permanent home.

This weekend I rented a car and accompanied by my best friend and her daughter I did buy some new "stuff" for my place which was fun. A new computer chair arrives tomorrow to replace the one bought in 1989, a new vacuum cleaner (the amount I clean it should last a l-o-n-g time!) - even a new blue garbage can for the bathroom. My my I was really getting quite domestic. Once I get my stereo system/DVD player set up life will be perfect. Easter weekend will be spent quietly - either walking in the park getting in some much neglected half marathon training or at home sorting through things and trying to find permanent homes for my 'stuff'.

My computer is now in the living room so guess that means I have to keep the desk a bit tidier - oh oh....I am finding it a bit small but I will get used to it and I don't intend to be home much for the next few years.

I have a killer view of the sunset as I am 7 floors up facing west. I need to buy an air conditioner (there is a hole in the wall for it but it's not provided....weird but true) and a really comfy chair to sit on the balcony, drink tea and read scads of books....that will be a project for later this month and then I think I am done doing the domestic goddess thing and it is back to hitting the road.

Adventures are afoot....