Saturday, April 14, 2012

Settling in but not down!

My new place is really starting to feel like home...or a good resting place in between adventures! It may not win any decorating awards but I don't give a rats' - it is my home and full of books, music, photographs and always welcome to friends. Today my friends Shirley and Brent came over and Brent hooked up my DVD player and I can watch movies on the TV rather than the computer. And listen to music the way it's supposed to be...not on little computer speakers or a ghetto blaster. And my record player - yes record player - is hooked up so I can really rock to the oldies. I guess I will be testing the sound proofing in here!

Five weeks from today I will be in Ottawa....the next trip is all booked. I will be visiting Ottawa, Vermont (Burlington and Montpelier), Montreal and Quebec City. Gone just less than three weeks. Our annual walking conference is being held the May long weekend - it should be beautiful in Ottawa as the tulip festival is on.

I am registered to do a half marathon on May 27th...I know I know...I never learn.

Anyway...I have been getting into my training...did another 10km walk today but it was an ugly one. The last two have been good but this one really sucked. My knees were not happy campers at all and let me know it - I don't know why as they should have been in happy land with the Aleve/Ibuprofin cocktail I gave them. Oh well. At least I am getting out there. Talked with a gal who is running the half marathon here in Regina on April 29th (I don't sign up for half marathons if they don't give out medals....I want the hardware...) and was going to do her first run since November today. Yikes. I didn't feel as bad when I heard that!

So now my life revolves around walking - everything else has to fit in around it. Well except work of course....I am back to two days a week...most of the time....gotta love it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a combo of snow/rain - lovely. But I shall stay here in my cozy little nest as no walking until Monday. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have no boxes sitting around waiting to be emptied....yippee!!!

Now I think it's time to watch a movie...

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