Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All talk and no action

Well aside from heavy rain, thunder and lightening that never really got that bad at all it's all finished now.  Still lightly raining but I went over to the convenience store and got myself a liquid beverage :) and some veggie crisps. 

Absolute crap on the TV - how people can watch those reality shows is beyond me.  95 channels and nothing.  So here I sit surfing the net.  Not in the mood to read anything on my ereader. 

Found the bus stop going downtown so all being well I plan to be on the 6:22 a.m. bus from here to catch the 7 a.m. to Montpelier tomorrow.   My backpack is ready to go. 

So exciting that I have a normal bed tonight - I forgot to mention that the bed in the dorm was a thin mattress on a plank of wood - and it was as high as my waist.  Getting in was fun and especially fun on Sunday!!! Not as bad as trying to climb onto the wet marble counter when I had my turkish bath (I still shudder at that memory and the poor girl is probably still recovering from my naked butt in her face as she tried to shove me up but getting there!)   I won't miss that.  The thing is I stayed there in 08 after I came back from Iqaluit and found it quite pleasant sio I obviously was not given a 2nd floor room above the busy road or a high bed....those poor students.... must admit it is nice to have my own bathroom and now I will have my own for the rest of the trip.  Yee haw! Although I am used to sharing the bathroom and staggering down the hall for my 3 a.m. pee. 

Anyway I am excitied about tomorrow and another capital ...always excited to visit new places and the musuem looks very nice.  I have picked out my breakfast place and there is an ice cream place I want to try after the walk.  You know me...it's all about the food!!!  My friend Donna told me I must try Cabot cheese and there is a place that features it in their menu at breakfast.  Thursday morning it's pancakes or waffles with real maple syrup!!! 

Am starting to rethink my decision not to dye my hair anymore - I am not likin' the photos.  Although some lady at the Bywarde market in Ottawa complimented me on my hair in French...at least I think it was a compliment.  :) I haven't seen my natural hair colour in about 15 years let alone with this much gray in it!!! 

The race photos are in - eoowwww...I don't think so....yes I so want to pay $30 for me with my mouth hanging open and wearing sunglasses and looking about 300 lbs...

This motel is really cute - white with red geraniums at all the windows and American flag banners around it.  It is the only privately owned motel in Burlington. 

On the bus from the mall to downtown (had to take three busses to get here - hey I call it an adventure rather than being too damn cheap for a taxi) I had the requisite crazy person talking to me.  Well that is cruel - he was mentally handicapped and quite sweet if not a bit obsessed with Zumba (he figures he should become an instructor as they make loads of money) starbucks coffee (he loves it) and the weather (he told me about ten times it was going to be a good day tomorrow to go to the beach)  So busy nodding and making comments to him I missed saying so long to the fella I traveled with from the airport who has an Amtrak pass and is going to travel all over the US for two months.  I was telling him about my Rock and Roll Groupie tour in 05 and my trip around the south in 08 on the hound.  He will have quite the adventure although much more upscale than I traveled - and much more expensive.  But a cheapie like me - hey I got here for $1.25 and only a dollar of it was my own money. :)  Anyway that is what I love about taking the bus and traveling this way - you meet so many people.  Yeah some of them are crazy but I can't say too much. :) 

Over and out. 

I am likin' that American convenience stores sell alcoholic beverages....hope I can get up at 5:45!!!

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