Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crash bang cha cha cha

Yes it was rattling and rolling here and still is from time to time.  Burlington is under a tornado watch with flash flooding warning as well.  Major bummer as I had hoped to do a 5 km walk this afternoon when I got here.

Anyway I am getting ahead of myself here.  Got a taxi to the bus station due to two bus changes on busy Ottawa busses - got there in loads of time and the bus to Montreal was a little late leaving.  Enjoyed the pretty scenery - lots of trees.  I have not done that trip since 1973!!  Time to visit the washroom in Montreal then on the bus to Vermont.  The border crossing was long as usual - I got through quickly then waited on the bus forever.  The U.S. border guard had taken his grumpy pills that morning - I don't have much luck with border guards in the eastern U.S.  Disovered there was wifi so sent a quick facebook message but quickly put my computer away as like to watch the scenery. 

Arrived at the Burlington airport which is where the terminal is - I realized I had no American coins with me and the fare was 1.25 so asked the tourist info guy if he had change and he said no but gave me 25 cents which was sweet.  Had to take three busses to get to the motel!!  But I did not want another expensive taxi ride as it would be about $25.00.  My last bus change was downtown and according to the schedule the next bus would not be for 20 minutes so I went into a sandwich shop and got a tuna sandwich.  I am so glad I did!!!  It had poured while on the second bus but luckily stopped when I got downtown.  The bus drivers were very friendly and helpful - the third bus driver called me a "young lady".  He was my favourite. :) 

The motel is a mom and pop type place and quite cute.  I had plans to ditch my stuff and go for a walk but checked the forecast as heard rumblings and saw the forecast. Oh well I have a TV and wifi and an ereader so won't be bored. I have a cute little deck as well.  It keeps raining on and off - pouring again right now.  Not good for walking!  This place is not too far out of downtown but I am not familiar enough yet and it is raining on and off with scary lightening and thunder coming through on and off.  I am not that crazy!

Planning to go to Montpelier (the capital) tomorrow - the last commuter bus leaves at 7:45 so have to get downtown by then.  Will have breakfast in Montpelier and then do the 7 km walk.  Was going to do the 10 km but decided to do the shorter walk so I can tour the state capital and also visit the state musuem.  It will be my only trip there I am sure.   Then Thursday I will do the 8 km walk here which takes me along the lake front (Lake Champlain) and downtown.  I hope to go on a lake cruise weather permitting....

Fingers crossed no tornadoes.....

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