Thursday, May 31, 2012

A day by the water

Bel Aire Motel, Burlington

Cool art

By Lake Champlain

Views of beautiful Lake Champlain

These swings were all over the park and leisure areas in Burlington.

What a wonderful day!! I spent most of it by or on Lake Champlain.  This morning I walked down to Handy's diner which was about a 25 minute walk.  Had pancakes with Vermont maple syrup.  It was a real old style diner with the counter in a horseshoe shape and seats around it.  No tables. Oldest waitress going but think she was the current owner's mom.  This diner has been in the same family for three generations.  The pancakes were good and fueled me for the walk ahead.
Beautiful walking path
From there I headed down to the water front and the small marina and headed off to the left path.  I was grooving along enjoying myself when I noticed the woman ahead of me do a little skip and look back so I looked as I approached and there was a snake on the right side of the path.  A little garter snake with about 3/4 of it's body arched up and it's head and beady eyes looking around.  Oh man even writing about it gives me the willies.  I am terrified of snakes so this got me freaked out for a while. 

Wheelchair accessible treehouse!
The path went by the railway path then turned into a neighbourhood street then into a park called Oakledge park.  As you entered the park there were stones there just like Stonehenge - it was Burlington's time clock.  Quite interesting. I asked a lady to take a picture of me by the lake and she and her companion told me I should head further into the park and visit a treehouse and also go down by the beach there for a better view.  So I did. I climbed on the rocks which luckily were flat and got a few good shots of the lake from there.  Then I thought  "hmmm..snakes like to curl up on warm rocks...." and left!!! The treehouse was wheelchair accessible so okay for me and my knees too!!! 

Back on the same route to the Lakefront park that had boat trips, restaurants, etc.  I had hoped to take the noon sailing of the Ethan Allan III but there were not enough of us. (they needed at least 15)  Consoled myself with a small Maple Creamee which is soft ice cream with Maple syrup in it.  Oh yum....So I went and signed in for the walk at the Hilton and carried on with the walk through Battery Park where I admired the gorgeous view.  Apparently Rudyard Kipling was there back in the day and said it had one of the best sunsets he had ever seen.  Too cloudy to see a good sunset these past two days...I sat and admired the view and then carried on. 

Then I walked over to Shantys on the Shore and had a lobster roll for a very late lunch.  It was okay - didn't have much of a taste.  Oh well, not every meal can be a feast for the senses unfortunately. I was looking forward to it so much too. Got back to the dock just before 2 p.m. and the cruise was a go so off I went.  Really enjoyed it - Lake Champlain is beautiful.  With the Adirondacks gracing one side and the Green Mountains on the other it is quite the sight.  Really enjoyed myself.  Learned more about the lake but don't ask, I don't remember too much!  It is up to 400 feet deep and is 120 miles long.  That's it folks!!! 

I then finished up the walk discovering a natural foods grocery store downtown so bought a few things including a banana, a couple of rolls and some cabot cheese...for breakfast tomorrow...My friend Donna told me I must try Cabot Cheese and I am glad I did!!  Sneaked a few slices when I got back here.

I think it's a Teddy Bears' picnic!
I then attacked the Church St. promenade getting myself a t-shirt and some gifts.   Then back here to get stuff done.  It was a long day and I'm tired. Packing awaits - hope I can close my duffle bag!

My bus to Montreal tomorrow  leaves at noon from the airport so off on the bus about 9:30 - have to sit down and work out my schedule.  Three busses - I am crazy - and cheap!!!  What can I say I hate taking taxis - or I should say hate forking out the money for taxis.  Rather spend it on fun stuff and food!!! 

Goodbye Vermont...I really really like you and I will come back some day.....

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