Five more sleeps and the addiction of marathons...

Yes five more sleeps and I am off for the next adventure to Ottawa, Quebec and Vermont.  It took a while to get me organized for this trip between two back to back winter holidays and moving but I think it's sorted now and I am getting excited!!  I will attend our annual walking conference which is also the 25th anniversary celebration of our national walking club.  It will be a blast.  I am also planning to do a half marathon - my first since September 2010.  Gulp!  As you know I had to drop out of the one in California which broke my heart in two...but I will do it someday...two weeks from tomorrow...screech!  I am a little behind in my training - I am not really TOO worried but I know walking 21 km without stopping will be a challenge.  And I will not beat myself up if I cannot finish it.  The friend I am doing it with and myself are going out that evening in Ottawa for a nice meal.  I am hoping that I will be wearing my nice shiny medal but if I'm not well I know that at least I tried.  There is not the worry of hurting myself like there was in California.  And you will be happy to know that Eddie the naughty suitcase has found a new home. It is much better suited to travel with people who go to all inclusive resorts and don't need to drag it around on and off trains and subways, etc.  

It is hard to explain to people who have never done a marathon or in my case a half marathon (my poor knees would not like walking 26 miles nonstop) why I love it so much.  It is very addicting.  I have done 13 since 2003 - if I hadn't had problems with my foot from 2007 to 2009 I can only imagine how many I would have done by now....   The training takes a lot of time especially if you only do one or two a year.  However the feeling you get when you cross the finish line and get a medal (and I will NOT do a half marathon without getting a medal - if they don't have a medal forget it..) is fantastic.   I used to obsess about my time but now I just walk and enjoy and take photos.  I am slow - if you are checking my time all I can say is check near the bottom.  Yes I have been last but I am still a winner compared to those people that are sitting on the couch watching TV.  

I prefer out of town races I must admit. Ottawa has been on my list for a while along with  Huntington Beach, Vancouver, the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, possibly Miami, Jackson, Mississippi Blues marathon,....well it's a long list!!  I have ticked off a few along the way (Las Vegas, Whidbey Island, First Light in Mobile, Alabama, Toronto, Calgary, etc.)  but there are still more to do.  Plus some of the races I enjoyed so much and it's been a while so I want to do them again!!!! I sincerely hope I have at least three more years of half marathons in me.  My foot (touch wood!) has been much better in part to my right orthotic being adjusted by my podiatrist.  A new pair are on order but he won't give them to me until AFTER my trip!!!  They have to be broken in slowly and I guess he knows I might be tempted to give them a bit more use on my trip!!!  Well as the saying goes I'd rather arrive at the finish line all used up and say "what a ride" then arrive in pristine good shape but never having lived my dreams.  

It is a fine balance financially between my desire to do half marathons around North America (as well as my obsession to walk in every state and state capital ) and do overseas travel as well.  Add a major move to the mix and well let's just say it is a challenge.  I am still trying to decide where to go this winter as I am hoping for an extended trip to the UK next year in late Spring yet I NEED to get away in the winter.  

Let's not get going on the long distance paths I want to do...that's another post!!!!