Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great day in "Most Peculiar"

Vermont State House, Montpelier

It was a fab day today in "Most Peculiar" - aka Montpelier. (pronounced Mont-pee-lieer)  That is the local's slang for it per my friend Donna and she should know as she was raised in Vermont....

I was up early and got the 7 a.m. commuter bus from downtown.  The bus driver (named Buddy) knew everyone on board but me.  He was quite the character.  The marathon was this past weekend and he had a picture of his daughter on the bus with her time and he knew everyone who had done it.  He announced on his loud speaker that his daughter had been it and congratulations to all who had done it.  Then as we were arriving in Montpelier he started talking on the loud speaker about drive ins and how there weren't many anymore along with A & W stands.  No one seemed to take notice so I assume he has a little speech every day.  He was very friendly - well they are all here.  The drive was beautiful.  The scenery was so lush and green - loads of trees, ferns, etc.  Gorgeous!!!  

After I signed in at the hotel for the walk and stamped my books I had a Breakfast Monster crepe at the Skinny Pancake - it had Cabot cheese, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, etc. - oh my it was good.  Came with a salad....gee I am getting a few of these salads for breakfast!!  I then started the walk from that point and it was lovely. I popped into a pet store/doggie bakery where I had a conversation with the owner about dogs, life, etc.  She was very interesting.   I toured the State house which was interesting - I think the most interesting was that some of the black tiles had fossils in them.  The outside was beautiful as well.  I then carried on to a river side path (by the Winooski river...) to the peace garden.  Nearly missed it as it was very tiny - luckily I asked some workers and they said this is it or I'd have carried on longer. It was a very peaceful walk amongst the trees.  I turned around and walked the path back into town where I had an iced latte at Capital Grounds. (cute name)  I then proceeded to the Vermont State museum which was pretty interesting.  At least now I know that Ethan Allen didn't start a furniture store. :)  I sat on the huge porch on one of the many rocking chairs there and put in relaxation time until the bus left at 4 p.m.  Montpelier is a lovely little city - I can't see ever going back as I have no reason to but I did enjoy it very much. 
The driver coming back was much quieter but once again the bus was packed.  I walked down the Church St. pedestrian mall and got myself some more scented little discs (I have a scared of fire so don't burn candles) at Yankee Candle as they were on sale.  Also some maple salt  - should be interesting to try that out on some dishes!!!  Had a Sgt Pepper burger at Sky Burger - one of the best burgers I've had in my life. Cheese, peppers, mushrooms and a wonderful bun.  I am not into McDonalds or Burger King burgers - life is too short to eat crap fast food.  I don't have burgers that often but when I do they are usually more of a gourmet type.   I sat outside and loved it.

I had dessert at Ben and Jerry's.  A child size cup of Cherry Garcia- my favourite flavour.  They have the flag ship store here in Burlington.  I could not get over all the people sitting in outdoor cafes - it was amazing in a small city on a Wednesday evening.  I realize they were tourists but was lively and enjoyed seeing it.  Oh and they have fibre glass Teddy Bears (Burlington makes Teddy Bears here) all over downtown so of course I had to take a picture of each and every one.  And lots of doggies sitting by their owners chairs on outdoor patios.  Love it! 

I took the bus back here and am washing out a few things.  Or freshening them up - I never feel they are clean unless they are done in a proper washing machine.   Just relaxing - I was up at 5:30 a.m.  Last night I got caught up watching Pregnant at 16...don't even ask...I'm ashamed to admit it - it was like watching a train wreck.  I flipped between that and The Waltons.  Yikes. 

Tomorrow I will do the 8 km Burlington walk.  It is supposed to be cloudy and high of 68.  Today was hot and muggy.  I probably won't do the lake cruise but that's okay - hope to spend quite a bit of time by the lake as the walk goes on the path. 

No getting up at 5:30 anyway!!!! 

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