Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hello from Nepean

Hi from Nepean as that's where I am - it's now part of Ottawa but don't tell the locals that. :)  The flight was good.  I had the neatest seat - when I checked in it automatically selected this one and it is a single one - no one beside me.  I loved it and of course it was a window seat.  It left bang on time and arrived on time as well - yeah we all love to trash Air Canada but they do a good job most of the time I think. I still prefer WestJet but this flight was cheaper and direct.  Very few of us got off at Ottawa - most were flying on to Montreal.

My friends Donna and Dorri were there to meet me so that was great and off we went.  We had lunch at a chinese buffet - yum yum - and they were naughty and treated me.  Afterwards we went back to the house so I could say hi to Ben the Beagle and Sunshine ("Sunny") the Sheltie.  Then they dropped me off at Algonquin College.  The rooms weren't ready yet so I stored my luggage and headed over to the New Balance store to do a walk.  I decided on a 5k as |I was pretty tired.  I had a terrible time with the directions and couldn't even figure out the way to start - I still don't know if it was vague directions or just tired old me!!  The first part of the walk was pretty boring through a residential area and to me unless they are a beautiful old heritage area they all tend to look the same.  Coming back though was along a pathway on a greenway so that was nice.  Back here to check in which was a long drawn out process but got it done.  I changed and headed over to the Loblaws to get things like bananas and yogurt - they have a complimentary breakfast here but not sure what it entails.  I had a nap as was so tired then started heading out again and thought "screw this" and went to the deli by the front desk and got a small submarine sandwich as was a bit hungry.  Now I am fighting to stay awake and only 7 p.m. Regina time. 

I am in a two bedroom suite sharing with my friend Eilleen who is out somewhere walking now.  I was able to see some familiar faces at check in - saw two of my fellow board members so that was nice.  I am excited for the days and weeks ahead. 

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