Sunday, May 27, 2012


Yes I completed the half marathon - my second worst time ever (4:05) but I am just happy to finish and get my lovely shiny medal.  What a beautiful course...the only dull parts were in Hull and by the war museum but other than that it was lovely.  Passed through some great neighbourhoods - people sitting outside having their coffee and I was envious as I hadn't had one today.  Coffee and long distance walks don't jive too well for me!  I was pretty strong in the first half but lack of sleep caught up with me and I slowed down near the end. 

I am so exhausted it is crazy between the long walk and lack of sleep.  Tomorrow is a do nothing day - go to Cora's for one of their fab breakfasts and then do laundry.  Other than that it will be what I decide but nothing that involves much energy.  I still have 8 days left on this adventure so I need to keep healthy.  I am so glad I decided to go to Vermont on Tuesday...

I am so proud of myself for hanging in there and carrying on and another medal to hang on my new medal hanger!

Eilleen and I went out for a celebration meal tonight to the Fish Market.  It was her treat as I had given her my wall unit when I moved.  I had three kinds of shrimp with herb potatoes and asparagus - lovely.  And a big glass of wine - zifandel as I wanted something light and fruity. 

Early to bed tonight!!

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