Sunday, May 27, 2012

No sleep again!

Another night of not much sleep (perhaps two hours) This is really getting annoying....I am dizzy with exhaustion and I haven't even begun the race....very very disappointing.  I will start but I think I will have to leave within a couple of hours - but there is still a spark of hope inside me and I am pretty stubborn.  However I can not even focus on normal things - could not find my brush and comb - my brush turned up on the floor but my comb is missing as is my ereader and earrings and am too tired to look for them.  If I am too tired to focus on that I think I am too tired to walk for close to four hours without stopping.  Of course as always happpens I fell asleep around 5 a.m. and the alarm woke me at 6:30. 

Tomorrow I plan to do  nothing but go for a nice breakfast if I can stagger that far (although if I only walk a couple of hours that should not be a problem) and go to see a movie...that's it.  Oh and do laundry...

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