Monday, May 28, 2012

Not bad, not bad at all

I feel surprisingly spry after my 21 km walk yesterday.  Fairly tired from lack of sleep (although did sleep fairly well last night - guess exhaustion does that to you!) but otherwise not bad at all.  I could do a 5 k walk but I won't!!  Lots of walking ahead (every day for the next 8 days) so I don't want to mess that up.  Of course it could hit me tomorrow....we shall see. 

Regardless I am glad I didn't opt to go to Vermont today - another reason..Memorial Day with a lack of public busses no doubt (I plan to take the local bus from the airport to my motel) plus the cost of my room at the motel was almost double.   I am excited though - Vermont is uncharted territory for me and I love exploring new places.  The forecast calls for thundershowers tomorrow afternoon in Burlington so not sure on my plans to do the 5 or 7 km downtown walk....27C for my 11 km walk in Montpelier. 

I had breakfast at Cora's - mushroom and brie eggs benedict with potatoes and a huge mound of fruit.  A ton of food and a price to match but it is a rare treat....the benedict was good but so so rich.  I won't be eating for a while now!!! 

Now the laundry is going with almost every single piece of clothing I have with me.  I was holding my bags of dirty clothes really high on the way to the laundry room - let's just say braless under a technical t-shirt is not my best look!!!  Maybe 40 years ago but not anymore!! :) 

Yes I am proudly wearing my half marathon t-shirt today. 

Not sure what the day will bring - I am still really tired and don't want to push things.  I think it will just be a bop around day.  No big plans.  My body is telling me to rest...I love Ottawa and I will be back.  Hopefully in the fall some year. 

Must admit when I had a lay down after the race I thanked my body - thank you legs, thank you knees, thank you right foot which did not give me a second of pain, thank you left foot - you were a little bit naughty but that's okay, thank you makers of Aleve, thank you whoever invited ibuprofin....thank you stubborness.... My right foot gave me about a minute of sharp pains as if to say "what the hell did you do to me" but has settled down happily. 

Can't wait to see what the day brings.

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