Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thanks to my buddy Eilleen

She told me I could exchange my t-shirt - VERY unusual at a race event.  Hers was too small too.  We did the 3 km Fun Run (well walk - we were the only walkers!)along the Rideau canal followed by fresh fruit, juice, bagels, etc.  I had a container of fresh fruit and some juice and took the bagel (with peanut butter) for my pre-race brekky tomorrow. (along with a big honkin' orange and a banana)  Anyway I raced back here and got my t-shirt and was able to exchange it for a mens medium which fits better - the ladies xl's were all out and that does not surprise me. So that was nice.  Then she gave me a marathon bus tour ticket as she had picked one out for me so off we went to tour the marathon route - we are of course doing the half so a bit different but was a fun tour of Ottawa.  I also bought the holder for the medals...I am saving approximately what that holder cost a night staying here rather than the B and B so thought damn it I deserve it.  I must admit I am not a girly girl - not into most girly things (except hand made earrings and body soap/lotion) but let me loose in a runners expo and all bets are off.  Let's see - one medal holder, one (expensive) t-shirt and a pair of socks.  Wow I restrained myself!! :) 

On the way back I stopped at the Metro grocery store and got a lovely strawberry/almond/lettuce/blue berry salad with a raspberry vinagarette dressing on the side - oh my my - just as good as the last one.   I have laced my chip on my running shoes but waiting for my t-shirt for tomorrow to dry before I put on my race bib. 

Camera battery is charging and I am going to lay down for a bit of a nap before donning my Rider t-shirt and jean capris and heading over to meet Eilleen and go to the pasta dinner. 

I will get my fanny pack ready later...nothing like the anticipation of a race.  We shall see what tomorrow brings....

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