Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Lower town Quebec City - reminds me of England!

Well this is the last day of my trip....I have mixed feelings.  Sad to leave my life of adventure on one hand but eager to get back to real life, see friends and start saving for the next adventure - or should I say paying for this one. :) 

Of course me being me I won't be home for long - will be flying off to Edmonton for a long weekend at the end of the month.  My sister is moving to Toronto this summer so this will likely be my last trip to Edmonton - I have a soft spot for the city having lived there for a year in the early 70's going to school...plus  be good to see my sister too. :) 

After that...who knows..,nothing booked.  But I am sure there will be eventually!!! 

This morning I availed myself of the free buffet breakfast but I paced myself and did not take very much as I knew I wanted to nibble during the day.  The breakfast was in a very nice restaurant around the corner and was delicious - the usual eggs, bacon, crepes, etc. 

On the way down to lower town...
Espresso and macarons.  Ah.....
Back up we go!  Yes I was too lazy to walk up the stairs and it was only $2!!! 
Mural with historical figures and modern day together.
Another view of the mural
Petit de Champlain - Lower town
I then set off to walk around the lower town - took the furnicular both ways to give my knees a break.  Looked in the shops and saw the huge mural depicting Quebec's 400 year history. I love this mural as it depicts all the historical figures with Quebec residents today. All very familiar from 7 years ago. This was the original townsite as it is right by the river...I passed by a boulangerie and just had to have a couple of macarons - a chocolate one and an orange one - such intense flavours.  So tiny, so expensive but oh so good....had an espresso with it and sat and relaxed.  Ah......I'd bring some home to share but they would not make it for two reasons 1)  I'd probably eat them and if I didn't do that 2)  they would crumble as they are so delicate.  Oh lovely lovely - memories of Paris... Back up on the furnicular and walked around the Old Town. I do love Quebec City - beautiful buildings and such history.  It is really a must see.  I think it would be very beautiful in the winter as well - but oh so cold.  My hotel is on a lovely street - even the horse drawn carriages go by.  I am so happy that I treated myself to this hotel.  It seems everywhere you turn there is a photo opportunity. 

I am back to finish up packing and relax a bit.  Then I will check out and roam the streets for a couple of hours.  Pick up a baguette for the plane trip.  I change planes in Ottawa.  I will get the hotel to call me a taxi once I find out how long it takes to get to the airport.  I know I flew out of here in 05 but absolutely no memory of it......except my luggage not making it home!!! 

After my last disaster with suitcases I brought my favourite.  A black duffle bag that is slightly bigger than carry on.  I bought it about six years ago one Xmas when I was working at Sears - with huge sales and my employee discount I don't think I paid more than $20 for it and it was regular $125 or so.  It is a Roots bag and good quality.  It seems to hold so much yet is not bulky - I have been looking for something to take it's place when it finally goes on me...but nothing yet.  I may just have to be creative and take less on my overseas trips so I can take this with me.

Beautiful day with blue sky....very enjoyable so off I go to wander and photograph for my last few hours of a wonderful holiday. 

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